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How to root my SGS2

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  1. brades69

    brades69 New Member

    hi guys and gals;)

    Please bear with me, this is the first time I've ever used a forum so I hope i'm in the right place.

    Ok so I bought a new Galaxy S II in July last Year while visiting family in Canada and it is locked to Bell Mobility. I've searched tons of forums trying to find the Kernel for my sgs2 so I can root it and then SIM unlock it to use it in South Africa. I'm leaving Canada on the 12th of Jan. I love my sgs2 and I don't wanna leave it behind. So if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated. B Rad :D

    PDA: I9100MUGKG2
    PHONE: I9100MUGKG2
    CSC: I9100MBMCKG2

    Model number

    Android Version 2.2.3

    Current Kernel Version

    Build Number

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I transferred this thread from the Android lounge, please let me know if it's the correct version of the Galaxy S2. :)
  3. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

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  4. brades69

    brades69 New Member

  5. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    No problem. I'm here to help when I can
    Edit: hope you thanked bluek
  6. Salvi

    Salvi Member

    Hello there, rather then posting a new message, I figured I'd post mine here, although related, not exactly on subject.

    I got a new Galaxy S2 that is locked to Virgin in Canada. I thought I only have a few more months on my Telus contract with my Galaxy S and was going to wait it out and go with Virgin, but Telus tells me I have a year and a half left, argh, and the penalty is huge!

    So, when I came across this message, I saw that the Bell phone the OP is describing is pretty much identical in everything (I think he made a type with android version, mine is 2.3.3, not 2.2.3 and I think his was too).

    In any case, everything else he posted is identical in my phone, under About Phone, even the long Kernel Version string, identical.

    So I figure the phones are identical except the codes for unlocking are unique to Bell and/or Virgin right?

    Now, I don't mind paying $15 to get a proper unlock code, but I can't find a reliable source for this. I would of course rather root and unlock my phone and be able to do with it as I please, but I'll settle with just unlocking it, if that is possible.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? On this site or elsewhere, a forum post, or maybe even a site that is reliable and gives proper unlock codes if I cannot root it?

    Like I said, all the info of my phone is identical to the Bell one described above, except that it is Virgin locked, and I want to use my Telus card in it. A friend of mine owed me $500 which I knew he never was going to pay, so he offered this which he got from Virgin (he is now using an old Samsung for the same Virgin plan, so I told him he doesn't owe me anymore, I know I got ripped off but something is better then nothing and I love the phone), and I wanted this phone and thought at the time it was going to be easy to change it to accept Telus but for some reason have been unable to do it.

    So, again, please help, all info is identical to the Bell OP phone, except mine is Virgin and Android version is 2.3.3 (which I believe was his also as I said, just a type on his behalf, but I could be wrong).

    I'd greatly appreciate it!

    I know this is in the root section rather then unlock section, but like I said, I didn't want to start a new thread about something that there are lots of threads already, and I would like a simple solution, even one that I have to pay for (but not $50 like stores want, $15 online would be acceptable if needbe, but of course I'd rather do it all, root and unlock, so I can use all the apps and games I have collected over the months only to be used on rooted phones).
  7. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Yeah if all your details match the op then the guide will be fine for you to use. And I think you are right about the typo, it should be 2.3.3
  8. Salvi

    Salvi Member

    I went to canadianunlocking site and paid $25 to get the code, I'm waiting for it, we'll see how it goes. My question is, if it does work, and once the phone is unlocked, if I do a factory reset or anything like that, does it become locked again? And the other question, if the unlock code works, can I root it after?

    I want to start from scratch once it's unlocked and the best way is a factory reset but I'll be afraid to do that once it's reset, unless the code can work more then once in which case I can just use it again after the factory reset (or maybe do a reset before the code?), but for future considerations as well.
  9. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Once it's unlocked you can root, factory reset or change firmware and your phone will still be unlocked.

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