How To Root P350!

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  1. HelpaDroid

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    I am HelpaDroid ^_^
    I will tell you how to root your LG P350.
    Requirements: File Manager(astro, filemanager .etc)
    USB Data cable.
    1) Download GingerBreak v1.20 (in attatchments).
    2) Connect Device to PC.
    3) Copy file to sd card.
    4) Open File Manager, scroll to bottom open GingerBreak v1.20
    5) Install & Run.
    Device will reboot on success :)
    Thanks, HelpaDroid. Hit thanks ^_^

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  2. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Good info,
    Made a sticky :)
  3. veljko

    veljko Member

    I open GingerBreak, it says I must root, after that display msg.

    "Rooting ...
    Running exploit ...
    This may take a few minutes !
    Device will reboot on success !"

    And nothing happed?

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