How to root Samsung Galaxy Y

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  1. fakhrul_coy

    fakhrul_coy New Member

    Please, I need help but Android
    I want to ask about the product samsung s5360.
    how to rooting on the Samsung Galaxy Y :confused: :confused: :confused:
    Help me please :)

  2. blackkids5

    blackkids5 Well-Known Member

    as far as rooting is concerned its not possible till now

    did u try any hd games

    they are not working and i am getting white textures while playing....

    iam also looking forward for the root and i tried many methods

    gingerbreak 1.2 and superclick 2.1.1 none of them worked

    if u managed to run any one of these games

    asphalt 5 , assassins creed,gangstar,etc the pm me @

    or replye here .....
  3. pidrou

    pidrou New Member

    sir i have read this from another forum that i am also active....

    How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y (crdits goes to MrGambit)

    Download the file attached here:

    xda-developers - View Single Post - samsung galaxy y root

    1. Download needed file (
    2. Copy ZIP file to the root of your SD-card
    3. Turn off your phone
    4. Switch ON your device in the recovery Mode
    (hold power, volume up, home button together).
    5. Select update from SD Card option. (yung volume keys gamitin pang select)
    6. You will see that the list of files will come from which you will have to select the file which is named as
    7. Wait a few minutes
    8. And
  4. fakhrul_coy

    fakhrul_coy New Member

  5. pidrou

    pidrou New Member

    your welcome sir

    yes sir it works i've tried it last night and i saw the superuser icon on my apps

    the question now is whats next? can anyone suggest apps or tweaks for our rooted phone...
  6. rahuldagli

    rahuldagli Member

  7. 28jhuz

    28jhuz Member

    Here sir:

    ROOTING Benefits and reasons to do so

    Different Apps for rooted Android Phones. Hope this is Helpful:)
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  8. hacorr

    hacorr New Member

    Same question here..Can un-rooting be done? Please mention how :)
  9. reclam

    reclam New Member

    Can it works for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360? thanks!!
  10. 28jhuz

    28jhuz Member

    If you want to Move your APPS to your SD! Download it on market> move2sd enabler (For Rooted users only)!
  11. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

    how to install flash . does require root.?
  12. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    to make ur device more responsive i have way to do that.
    as u r rooted now then using root explorer go to etc folder and verify that init.d folder is present or not.
    tell me via private message.

    @everyone as many of u r rooted now then before proceeding further wid any action backup ur current stock rom in recovery.
    so that anything messes up ur phone then u can restore ur phone to good state any time
  13. Spine123

    Spine123 Active Member

    after i rooted the phone , when i go to root explorer there is this message that says remount as R/W. When i press on it , it did not do anything. Can you please tell how to resolve this?

    Thank you in advance
  14. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

    how to install flash . does require
  15. Spine123

    Spine123 Active Member

    install a dolphin browser. It's already flash capable
  16. himu4630

    himu4630 Active Member

    but dolphin browser does not supporting flash on this device. pl help.
  17. Dands

    Dands New Member

    My friends, I live in Brazil and my galaxy Y came with V2.3.5, I wonder what root can use it, because you have here, at the end of an error where the operation is aborted.

    Thank you!

    PS: Sorry, but my english is so bad...
  18. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Hey this worked for me look here:

    [GUIDE] ROOT Your SAMSUNG GALAXY Y S5360 - Page 4 - xda-developers

    I changed both GT-S5360 entrys on the top line to GT-S5363, then saved then reuploaded to sd card then ran.
  19. spliffy

    spliffy Well-Known Member

    what about 2.3.6 without using odin?
  20. emjimadhu

    emjimadhu Active Member

    These apps are compatible with Samsung Galaxy Y... Since im using these app are good...

    1) SuperUser

    2) SetCPU

    3) Titanium Backup
    4) ES File Explorer -

    5) DroidSail Super App2SD -

    6) Font Changer - (Free)

    7) ADWLauncher EX -

    Adw Theme Crystal Black HD -


    Note: If you want a full Version of these apps... PM me...

    and dont forget to Thank Me... If you Like this...
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  21. xXEricXx95

    xXEricXx95 Member

    I can't seem to get it to work
  22. kanaka0907

    kanaka0907 Member

    1) Download the file here - LINK
    2) Now copy this file into the root folder of your phone's SD Card
    3) Switch off your device and restart it into recovery mode using the following key combination Volume UP + Home Button + Power Button
    4) You will find your phone in recovery mode with blue coloured UI. You cannot use touchscreen while your phone is in recovery mode.
    For making selections and movements, you have to make use of volume up/down keys and make the selection by pressing home key.

    5) In the recovery mode menu, there is an option 'apply update from sdcard' Select it.
    6) Choose the pasted and click on "yes".
    7) After the patching of that file, you will be back to the menu, and there it's written "reboot system now". Select it.
    8) After the reboot, go to phone's main menu and if you are able to find the "SuperUser" App on it, but once you click it you will notice that it doesn't work anymore, (You can verify it by opening any rooting needed app like Chainfire3D)

    Well guys now that you have finally unrooted your phone Samsung Galaxy Y, it will now be impossible for you to run the HD games
    See this video for further details: Un-Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 (Tutorial) - YouTube
    Hope this works for you.
    Thank you.:cool:

    Dont forget to say thanks:D
  23. revanthchdg

    revanthchdg Active Member

    Did you try to overclock galaxy y???
    Is it possible using SetCPU??
  24. raol

    raol Active Member

    Does it work regardless of the version? I have the 2.3.6 ddkl1 version. Or is it there different root files for different versions? The last thing i want is my phone geting bricked. :D
  25. okatokat

    okatokat New Member

    mine is:
    2.3.6 DXLA1

    pls reply to my post what tools needed to root. first time rooting my phone. first time in these stuff.

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