How to root Samsung Stellar

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  1. sovereign73811

    sovereign73811 Active Member

    COMPILED UPDATE (as seen on XDA forums):

    I've got someone to extract successfully something that looks like the bootloader and the System images. Take a look:

    We think we've found the system image in mmcblk0p14.

    The SYSTEM may be in:

    We may also have a bootloader:

    Now all we need is to find the recovery...

    Wolverine13 may have found the recovery in mmcblk0p18:

    To extract the images in their locations: I think we'll need to use these commands:

    Code (Text):
    2. dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 of=/sdcard/Recovery.img
    4. dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0boot0 of=/sdcard/boot0.img
    6. dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0boot1 of=/sdcard/boot1.img dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p14 of=/sdcard/system.img
    If anyone is able to successfully extract these ROMs please upload them.

  2. tfr

    tfr New Member

    Hey @sovereign73811,
    You seem to be pretty knowledgeable on the subject of rooting.

    I've never rooted a phone before and I just got a Stellar from some guy on craigslist in the hope of simply using it as a wi-fi device. Met him at a Verizon store to have them check to make sure it wasn't stolen and all was good. However, when I got it home and fired it up with a new blank sim card, it locks the phone and says it's trying to activate it. So I went back by the Verizon store and asked them if there was a way around this and they said no. They actually didn't even realize Samsung had done this. Even in airplane mode it won't work. So, basically, Samsung is now forcing you to get a data plan through Verizon in order to even use their phones.

    Do you or does anyone know how to get around this by chance? Very frustrating. So even if you pay retail of $329 for this phone, you can't use it without paying Verizon a monthly fee!! I think this is BS, but it is what it is.

    If there's no other way around it, will rooting it make it so I can bypass this block?
  3. sovereign73811

    sovereign73811 Active Member

    To be frank I wouldn't try to do that if I were you...not yet. There are ways of unlocking the stuff though but apparently there are some keys to deal with the bootloader and there are no keys for it...not to mention codes and actual custom ROMs to go with it. Rooting is a mere requirement of what you want. I know that you would rather not have to deal with Verizon, but right's best to wait...for now. As soon as development really happens then your wish may be granted...but don't think about that for now. I'm really sorry.
  4. tfr

    tfr New Member

    Thank you for the honest and most likely good advice. I really appreciate it.

    Guess I'll go complain to Samsung and see if I can get anywhere.
  5. tfr

    tfr New Member

    So, I spoke to Samsung advanced level tech today and Samsung has been forced into some kind of agreement with Verizon that any phones provided to Verizon will not be allowed to be used as a stand alone wi-fi device.

    All Samsung smartphones MUST be activated and have a monthly plan with Verizon in order for the Wi-fi portion of the phone to be accessible.

    Samsung phones with Sprint and others do not have this restriction on them.
  6. ghost901

    ghost901 Well-Known Member

    Any one have a stock rom yet for this? After messing with some core files my phone doesn't seem to boot up anymore it just hangs on the Samsung logo. Going into recovery mode doesn't help either.

    EDIT: I have that software upgrade assistant but I'm not quite sure how to use the Repair assistant feature or if its any use to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. sovereign73811

    sovereign73811 Active Member

  8. ghost901

    ghost901 Well-Known Member

    Yes I would like help please. I want to make sure I do this right. Thanks in advance
  9. sovereign73811

    sovereign73811 Active Member

    1. OK. Go download Odin 3.07 here: Dev-Host - Odin - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    2. Install the Samsung USB Drivers. Let me know if you need them.

    3. Enter Odin mode (Press and hold the Home button + Volume Up + Power Button)

    4. After you enter the Odin Mode Screen, be sure Odin detects the phone (the text box in the bottom left corner should say "Added!".

    5. Extract the .zip that you downloaded.

    6. Click the PDA button and select the MD5 image.

    7. Make sure that only the "Auto Reboot" and the "F. Reset Time" boxes are checked. DO NOT CHECK ANYTHING ELSE.

    8. Take a deep breath and press the start button. This will take up to 15 minutes so be patient.

    9. Your phone should be now at stock condition.
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  10. ghost901

    ghost901 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much that worked like a charm
  11. sovereign73811

    sovereign73811 Active Member

    Glad to help. Just curious, how long has your phone been out? If you've been reading the fourm, I've been without this thing for two weeks.
  12. ghost901

    ghost901 Well-Known Member

    Only for like a day or so.
  13. invisiblek

    invisiblek Member

    hey guys
    we have recovery! woot!

    you should dd this to /dev/block/mmcblk0p18

    currently i dont have external sd backups working and as i understand its only got like 4gb internal
    EDIT: v6 is up, needs testing for external backups (should go there automatically actually) Downloads - Downloading recovery-TWRP-

    it's interesting working on a device that you don't own =)

    also, i have a thread on rootz that i'm going to try and keep updated with info i have

    [ROOT][RECOVERY] and other stuff - Galaxy Stellar Development - RootzWiki
  14. thurstondaron

    thurstondaron New Member

  15. james1552

    james1552 Member

    I'm going to install windows on my linux machine this weekend just to try to root (since on my mac it's impossible...) and looking at the still quite and slow forums I didn't see a safe to delete list/thread.

    Could someone who has rooted and knows of safe to delete apps maybe start a thread and list all apps that are completely safe to remove?
  16. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    There is not a safe list yet. So far, attempts of app removal have been reported as soft bricking the stellar. I have been watching devs working on a fix. I have a thread in the general side named things not in the guide book, in that thread, I mentioned this and posted a link to the devs at work.
  17. invisiblek

    invisiblek Member

    there is no 'fix' other than not removing things that the device actually needs
    posts like this are going to deter people from trying
  18. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    My intention for my post like this is to help educate people and guide them to other resources where they can see what is going on and why. Reading is how most people doing this stuff learned to hack phones in the first place. My hope is that someone will find the loopholes and get us the coveted safe list. What we don't need is people bricking their phones and giving up. Maybe afresh mind with a fresh idea will be the key, so for them, I offer links to what has been done.

    People, don't stop trying! Every other Android phone has been exploited, this one will be as well.
  19. invisiblek

    invisiblek Member

    Its already exploited. You can remove crap. There's nothing else to "exploit" other than the bootloader (don't hold your breath)
  20. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    Okay, so allow me to rephrase. Fully exploit.
    I have not attempted to remove apps due to reading that any app removal will brick this phone. If it is indeed safe to as you say remove crap, please instead of griping at me for my misinformation, tell us what is in fact safe to remove. Sorry if I sound facetious, you can probably see where my frustration comes from.
    I am going to start a new thread for the purpose of safe apps to remove.
  21. invisiblek

    invisiblek Member

    I don't own this device, so deeming what is safe to remove is nearly impossible for me to do. You have custom recovery though, you can nandroid first, then delete whatever you want. You can always restore the nandroid if things go bad.

    Proof of concept: remove pvz.apk and see what happens. That's plants vs zombies, should not tie back to the OS at all.

    On another note:
    I need help testing some other things too. Preferably from those who have experience flashing roms.
  22. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    I have experience...My problem is this. I have always played with metro phones and had many on hand. If I messed something up too bad on one phone, I could simply activate a different one while I figured out the problem. This is my first Android on a real carrier and don't have other phones laying around for Verizon. If I mess this phone up, I'm sol if and until I can get it working again. I've got 2 years to go on this contract and can't afford a couple of hundred dollars to drop on a replacement.
    It is for these reasons that I'm calling out for documentation. I would love to play but I have to see some stable work first.
  23. Dudley81o

    Dudley81o New Member

    Hi. I am new to rooting, and am wondering if there is any way to move apps to my sd card to free up space.
    Thank for any help.
  24. invisiblek

    invisiblek Member

    right, but if you nandroid, and screw up your /system partition by removing apps, restoring the nandroid will put your /system partition back to where it was

    worst case scenario, you can odin back to stock, all the files needed for that are on my account
  25. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    Well, then. Let's play. Guide me through the steps of where to begin. Currently stock, rooted (currently just for screen shot), no tools on board. I do have experience but let's assume I don't (all of my experience has been with 3 diferent lg optimus 1 models and 1 Samsung admire, I did not get very far with the admire do to lack of documentation at the time) .. Basically tell me what to get, where to get it then what to do with it.

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