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How to Root SpreadTrum SC6820

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  1. Intex12345

    Intex12345 Member

    Model - Callbar A1
    Android - 2.3.5
    Kernal Version

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  2. Intex12345

    Intex12345 Member

    No body is rooting SpreadTrum SC6820 phones???
  3. Intex12345

    Intex12345 Member

    I have attached PDF file containing complete details of System Memory Map, MTD Tables, Symbolic Links, Directory Permissions and File Permissions of my android phone. I hope some one having knowledge of android system can help me by suggesting custom exploit after going through these details.

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  4. Intex12345

    Intex12345 Member

  5. SHIFU786

    SHIFU786 Member

    i need recovery mode for
    build id :mocordroid 2.3.5 w12.20_p20.01
    fingerprint: f950_hongnian_a380_RK_FIEZ-513_USR_P=GV1.0_2013_06_2
    build id:mocordroid2.3.5
    brand and mfg.rer:sprd
    kernel version xutz@xutz #3
    baseband version: DM_BASE_12A_W12.43|SPHS_modem|11-02-2012 17:53:08
    screen 4" inch.

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