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how to root tecno d3???

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  1. donmemphisx

    donmemphisx New Member

    I can't root my phone! Pls help!!
    This is a really wonderful thread. I have a problem of which i'll appreciate all the help i can get from the guru's.
    I have a Tecno D3 and i've not been able to root it and enjoy all the root privileges. I've tried most , if not all the software's which have successfully rooted other droids but can't get mine rooted. The specs are:
    BASEBAND VERSION: MAUI. 11AMD.W11.50.SP.V27.P3,2012/11/27
    KERNEL VERSION: rlk-buildsrv@rlk-buildsrv-desktop #1
    BUILD NUMBER: D3_G120L_CHUANYIN_B1_ALPSGB2MPV2.17_V5.1_S20121214
    CUSTOM BUILD VERSION: 1355486163
    I just hope the phone is not unrootable:confused::confused:
    Pls help me


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