How to root the continuum (V0.1)

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  1. dfgged

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  2. SyTech

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    Ok, I've tried rooting my phone and it just hangs there. I wait the 5mins and then unplug phone from PC and kill the run.bat file. The last statement it shows is something like, restart adb and login.
    Do I just run it again after I've pulled the battery out/back in?

    Dumb question I know but, how do you know when your phone is rooted?
    Once the phone is rooted, what then?

  3. dfgged

    dfgged Well-Known Member

    well, the one click no longer works if you have already received the DL17 update >.<
    To answer your questions, 1, You will see "Superuser" in the app drawer, and you can confirm by using something like Titanium Backup. 2, Well, right now, all you can really do is underclock your phone to save battery, but we're working on it over at XDA.

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