How to root the LG enlighten (Tutorial)

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  1. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    Here is a link that roots the enlighten on the ZV5 update. He provides a link to a clockwork mod recovery as well. Enjoy.

    Here is how I rooted my LG enlighten for those having trouble.
    The reason Ginger-break and z4root do not work is because the exploit used by those apps were patched in the LG enlighten.

    *If you happened to root the LG Enlighten make sure to change the file, located in /system/etc/security, to This disables OTA updates. Also just as a safety net install Voodoo OTA RootKeeper to back up your su binary.

    *This tutorial works for the LG Enlighten with the old Kernel. If any of you found a way to root it with the new Kernel, pushed in an OTA update, don't be afraid to message me. I would like to update this tutorial for all LG Enlightens. Thank You.*

    "If you have problems with the phone not being detected by adb just download Pdanet and that should solve all adb detection issues."

    1. I installed the latest drivers for the LG enlighten. The phone comes with drivers, BUT if they do not work use the link below.

    Here is the link to the drivers
    Mobile Support

    2. I then installed the android sdk and adb correctly so my device gets detected when in USB debugging mode (I also put the connectivity to modem connection which is located in settings>connectivity>choose modem)

    Here is the link to a great tutorial on installing adb correctly
    What Is ADB And How To Install It With Android SDK

    3. Now I put my LG enlighten in USB debugging mode, with connectivity set to modem, and install non-market apps on. (USB debug mode and install non-market apps are located at settings>applications> The rest is self-explanatory)

    4. I connect my phone and it was detected by adb. To check just go to command prompt type cd.. 'till you get to C:> and then type adb devices and your phone shall appear. That's how I checked.

    5. Go to this site and download the LG esteem one click root

    LG Esteem OneClickRoot NOW READY!! |

    6. Run the program and... BOOM you are rooted and installs the latest superuser and busy-box app during the process.

    7. Enjoy.

    I hope this helps.


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  2. shadokreep

    shadokreep Member

    I'm stuck between steps 2 and 3 of your guide. The device manager is not showing ADB and cannot find drivers for the phone. I followed the steps in "the guide for installing adb and sdk", but its still not working. There's slight differences between the screenshots in the guide and from the updated sdk window but not much different; but that I can figure out.
    When i follow Step 4 of the "guide for installing adb.." , after the google usb package is downloaded, there are two folders c:\"sdk folder path"\extras\google\amd64 and c:\"sdk folder path"\extras\google\i386.
    but windows will not let me manually install the driver.
    My problem is that windows is detecting the phone but its not installing the drivers.
    I tried both my laptop which is Windows 7 64bit and my desktop windows 7 32bit. Still no success.
    and just to be clear, are you running this on gingerbread 2.3.4? I know 2.3.3 was hackable but 2.3.4 was a little harder to hack. Some android users of 2.3.4 are having problems hacking their phones.
    thanks for the help.
  3. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    In the link to the tutorial I ignored the drivers installation from the adb tutorial. I even said "The phone comes with the drivers". You should uninstall all the drivers for the LG Enlighten and re install them from the phone itself. "3. Now I put my LG enlighten in USB debugging mode, with connectivity set to modem, and install non-market apps on. (USB debug mode and install non-market apps are located at settings>applications> The rest is self-explanatory) " To put connectivity into modem mode, which is extremely important, go to settings->connectivity->Tap "Default Connection Mode" and choose "Modem". Now you need to make sure you have USB debugging on, I am pretty sure you do, but lets check anyways. Go to settings->Applications (Also make sure you enabled "Unknown Sources")->Development->Tap "USB debugging". Step 4 in the "guide for installing adb..." you can just ignore that since the phone already has adb in the drivers. The maker of that tutorial as well says ignore the drivers installation if your phone comes with it. My phone is Gingerbread 2.3.4 which is easily "hackable/rootable" using zergrush from the LG esteem root link in my tutorial.
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  4. shadokreep

    shadokreep Member

    the problem i'm having is just that windows isn't detecting the phone when its in modem mode. I'll just see if I can figure out the problem since I'm sure I installed everything correctly. thx.
  5. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    That is a problem with the drivers or the USB cord. You are having a conflict between your phones "official" drivers and some other drivers for the enlighten. Just uninstall all drivers for the phone and re install them from the phone itself. Also try a different USB cord as well. I used my kindle USB cord because I had problems with the official USB cord for the enlighten. Then it should all work. :p
  6. shadokreep

    shadokreep Member

    I didn't have access to another usb cord but upon researching some other people were having the same problems as me. So I found a program called pdanet that fixed this problem even though the usb modem was still not detected in device manager, but adb was finally detected. I then installed the esteem drivers and got superuser installed.
    Appreciate ur help.
  7. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    You're welcome, Also thanks for bringing up Pdanet as I will keep that in mind when I root other phones with USB problems.
  8. Bloodworth

    Bloodworth Member

    I'm having problems....

    Can't get it to root, keeps saying "permission denied" when it trys to install the root tools.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Perhaps the recent firmware update (VS700ZV5) patched the exploit used?
  9. shadokreep

    shadokreep Member

    yeah that could of been a reason why you can't install it. But whenever you're in windows make sure you install things by right clicking the program/shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator". That might be a solution. Also after you sucessfully get superuser installed, download bloat freezer and use that to "freeze" the software update to prevent future updates.
  10. Bloodworth

    Bloodworth Member

    I meant when the program trys to install the root tools on the phone. Pretty sure Windows isn't an issue there...
  11. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    Verizon blocked the exploit, until proven otherwise.
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  12. Bloodworth

    Bloodworth Member

    That's what I was afraid of... guess I'll just have to wait for someone to find a way around it....
  13. MrsAngelD

    MrsAngelD Member

  14. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    Tell me what your LG Enlighten kernel is? It is located in the settings > phone info. You might have the old kernel. The reason I say this is because I used that same video. It worked perfect for me. Too bad my LG Enlighten turned into a nice shiny brick and could never root the new one I got. If you can't figure out if the kernel is new it has "v2" in its name. If you do have the new kernel please send the files/programs (include drivers) you used and let me try again. I would like to update my tutorial with a working method again. Thanks.
  15. MrsAngelD

    MrsAngelD Member

    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I actually had to just reset my phone using the LG recovery tool, and right now without root, the kernel version is

    But I doubt this info will help you, since doing my reset I can't seem to get rooted.

    Android Version 2.3.4
    SW Version: VS700ZV5
  16. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    yeah.. the ZV5 update patched the root exploit :(
  17. MrsAngelD

    MrsAngelD Member

    I wish there was a way to undo this update :(
  18. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    me too. i've been searching around for something but haven't found anything yet.. if i had known that update would patch the ability to root i would have never installed it :mad:
  19. djclitterman

    djclitterman Member

    Yeah iv got a vs700 came with version 4 it took some effort but got it rooted then I crashed out one night and vorizon did there sneeky update and it un rooted my phone...boy I was pissed good thing I had ins on the p o s cuz that phone got stolen...and the sent me a new phone I rooted it and put the update action in the freezer hehe:rolleyes:
  20. stormishelley

    stormishelley Active Member

    i really wish there was a way to revert to version 4..
  21. djclitterman

    djclitterman Member

    I here ya doing a factory reset will only erase all your stuff and it will reset to version 5 which sucks with all the money I shell out to vorizon I so want to fire them unrooting my phone and installing that update with out asking me permision was uncalled for and *****assed excuse the language it was way worce when I awoke to a unrooted phone
  22. mkelly18

    mkelly18 Active Member

    could someone kindly PM me a link to a nandroid? i messed the phone up. i have a recovery that works ;) when its finalized it'll be released
  23. Gryffon

    Gryffon Well-Known Member

    Is this thread dead? Can the LG Enlighten be rooted or not? If so, will it work on the USA CDMA versions?
  24. luvit

    luvit Active Member

  25. fsdfgasgfisd

    fsdfgasgfisd Member

    The LG Enlighten was fully rootable even on the latest ota update the entire time. My old LG enlighten was on ZV5 and rooted with the help from a friend. I'm now using the LG lucid with CM10.

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