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  1. BQB

    BQB Member

    so i have super pad3. i wanna root it. so can someone tell me how to do that? is rooting super pad3 same as super pad2?

    thanks in advance

  2. phiit

    phiit Member

    Flytouch3 Superpad 2 can be easily rooted with Tim's roms, what's your firmware? If you have Disco firmware you should be able to install Tims roms, if something else, good luck, you have aq fake tablet with no custom roms..
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  3. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    Yeah if you model that you can find in the settings/about tablet menu is not disco then you can't use Tim5a rom. You will have to root it manually. Well check it first and see. maybe you are one of the lucky ones.
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  4. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Well-Known Member

    Not quite true, Ibex Facepad arrives with firmware P041 installed :cool:
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  5. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    Oh I feel blessed I bought mine before this new model came out >.<! Anyway although I do not really believe it , it will be better to be p041 that has a slight chance of getting a custom rom rather than any older.
  6. BQB

    BQB Member

    my super pad3 info:
    model number-disco
    android version-android 2.2-20110316
    baseband version-unknown
    kernel version- cao@cao desktop#10
    built number-frf85b

    can someone give me instructions how to get tims roms on my superpad3. if its possible.

    sorry for my bad english
  7. Rabid1

    Rabid1 Well-Known Member

    Rooting and flashing are tow different things. Rooting is when you want to access the full tablet features and abilities yourself as opposed to flashing a rooted rom where it has been done for you.

    If you want to root your tablet you can search on youtube "Flytouch 3 root" and there are several good videos that walk you through it or look here.

    To install Tim's 5A look here
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  8. jthowson

    jthowson Member

    I just got may IBEX FACEPAD yester day and wondering if rooting it is the same as the Superpad sense there alll but the same in many ways.

    Thank you,
  9. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Well-Known Member

    Need to check your device to see if it has P041 installed? If it is a new one, I suspect it has.

    settings/about device/model number.......
  10. BQB

    BQB Member

    can i flash my device if its not rooted?
  11. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    I do not really understand what you mean but if you want to flahs tims rom on it just put the 2 files that are in the zip file of tims rom in a usb or your sd card and put it in your tablet. Then turn on the tablet and after a while you will see it getting installed. Just remember after tat remove the usb or sd card and delete the files so there wont be another flashing without you wanting it =p.
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  12. lfc4ever

    lfc4ever Well-Known Member

    Yes, it will be rooted after flash.

    Now see the reply above.
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  13. jthowson

    jthowson Member

    Ok it hs the P041 instaled
  14. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    All you can do is to root your device since there i no custom rom of P041 Models.Well you will need Launcher Pro and zroot for starters.

    here is a small guide I found online:

    Here is the method for Disco and P041 Tablets. I have tested on both types.

    Here are the steps that worked for me on my P041. The advice on some sites is missing bits and some steps are the wrong way around.
    This works on Disco and P041 models.
    1. Install LauncherPro then run it.
    2. Hold down a long press anywhere on the home screen in a blank area. Then choose and select the following.
    3. Menu Add to Home screen pops up
    4. Select Shortcuts
    5. Select Activities
    6. Select Settings
    7. Select Development
    8. OK the new shortcut Development in the Edit Shortcut popup.
    9. In the home screen select the new Development icon and check USB Debugging.
    10. Now if you haven't already download the Z4root.1.3.0 (latest) APK and sideload to install the APK from your SD card root directory (your
    micro SD card). If you download it via PC and your PC's antivirus comes up with an alert it is only because Z4root uses an exploit in Android to work. It is not a virus.
    11. Run Z4root and let it do it's magic.
    12. If you want to try it out without changing any of the system files permanently use the temporary root option.
    This will clear back to the original settings upon a system restart.
    13. If you want to check if your device is now rooted you can use the free APK called Root Check/Checker by Joey Krim on the Android
    Market. It is free and does only what it says. Alternatively download the free version of Titanium Backup Root from the Market or SlideMe.
    This only works if your rooting is working. Best backup app around!

    Also please remember that ZRoot is not the safest way to go but then again many people did it and they had no problem. Just Follow instructions to the T.

    There is also the guide forums on this site : here. Supposedly p041 and disco or whichever other version have the same way of getting rooted.
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  15. jthowson

    jthowson Member

    Ok did all that, sucks there's no roms for this facepad owell. Ok got another question now and i supect i already know the anwser, is there a way to video skype with these things tand is there away around dowloading apps that dosent ask foe a cell service provider.
  16. weltall

    weltall Well-Known Member

    Skype is denied for me no matter what I did. Supposedly you could make it work but now it doesn't seem possible. Well I do not know more about it. Also you can always download apps through your pc and with a usb installed them on your tablet. You just need to know which app you want and type in google "<name of app> apk download" and you will get it. Put it in your usb, connect it to your tablet, use file manager to find the file on your usb and open it.
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