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  1. simonlo93

    simonlo93 Well-Known Member

    Not even a day my battery dies!!!! TIPS please!

  2. jimmyrocking

    jimmyrocking Member

    My battery wasnt lasting long either. I wasnt sure if it was an app that was destroying my battery life so I reset it and removed all the apps. I keep adding one at a time so I will know if an app is destroying my battery.

    Also, I have made sure my screen isn
  3. simonlo93

    simonlo93 Well-Known Member

  4. vzandroidman

    vzandroidman New Member

    advanced task killer!! if you leave your apps running behind sceens it will drain the battery without you even knowing.
  5. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    There is a lot to be said on the task killing debate, have a look at this thread from the big X10 site and decided.

    I used to use Juice Defender and ATK, but have dumped JD because it kept error-ing on me and haven't really notices a difference. I still have ATK and use it very occaisionally but let the system do it for itself.

    Battery life in my opinion is a matter of... having the latest firmware, turning screen brightness down, watching what apps/widgets you install, only having wifi/bluetooth on when you need it, don't have polling for email/Facebook/Twitter on too often and lastly but probably most important... letting the charge cycle run for a good week or so before you get the best out of the battery.
  6. sublow

    sublow Well-Known Member

    Also make sure your phone is on the latest update.

    That really helped my battery life.

    Also the first few months when you get the phone the battery life is pretty poor but that's just down to you "playing" with it. Once you just start using it as you would day to day the battery life will be much better.
  7. sui99

    sui99 New Member

    You can turn off data trafic behinde in settings that helps on my x10 :)
  8. t0r11

    t0r11 Member

    -turn off data traffic.
    -turn off all gps option.. (auto sync .. etc)
    -turn off any unnecessaries application
    -reduce brightness and time sleep mode
    -not to use "live wallpaper"...static wallpaper even from mini sd card still ok

    Result when not being used when even phone or message = 1% drop each hour
  9. Caesk

    Caesk Member

    You x10 mini is not going to last too much if you use it all day.
    Yo have to turn off the following
    turn off data traffic
    turn off wifi connection if you are not using it
    turn of bluetooth
    turn off all gps option.. (auto sync .. etc)
    reduce brightness and time sleep mode
    about killing apps i don't think you need that much but still if you want to go after that it might help you, i have a task killer but really i don't use it too much.
    hope it helps
  10. Corey.

    Corey. Member

    Do the following

    - Turn of wifi, GPS, Bluetooth and also data traffic. In low reception areas data traffic has more effort to gain a signal so it will use the battery faster. Also reception and GPS in low reception areas generally uses more battery.
    - Download a task killer application and kill all uneeded tasks, the tasks run when you minus them down in the background still using the battery up
    - Reduce your Brightness to as low as you can ( Note: outside in bright sun the lowest is nearly impossible to see so you may have to turn it up)
    - Reduce your standby time so the light on the screen goes out earlier because this uses more battery.
    - Try to keep animations to a low so try turning this of in the settings with display

    Also - if you charge your phone for a long duration it will fully charge, when the battery is fully charged it will stop charging and the battery will start depleating so if you take it of charge the battery may already be under full charge.

    The battery should last longer if you follow these steps, hope i was able to help it helps greatly with mine and i can get 2-3 days usage out of my battery if i am very careful with it. :)
  11. xo0ox94

    xo0ox94 Active Member

    overclockwidget can decrease your CPU-clock when the screen is off (standby, in your pocket)
    its a little hard to wake up, but saves a bit battery :)
  12. crazydip

    crazydip Active Member

    1) update to newest version
    2) turn off wifi
    3) make sure you have a good phone network connection - if you have one bar or no connection then your phone will use up a lot of battery trying to constantly find and reconnect to a tower
  13. Osorian92

    Osorian92 New Member

    Download an app on Marked thats named "Advaced Task Killer"
    its like you can set the app to kill other apps that you dont use when you turn your screen of :), very helpfull app ; )
    My advice is that you download this app at once you've read this :)

    - Osorian92
  14. bahkyp

    bahkyp New Member

    What they said;
    Background data
    Wifi / GPS
    Screen Brightness
    App Killer.


    Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > GSM only. (turn WCDMA on when using large data apps only eg google maps)

    Also change the clock freq (google it, it changes with the apps) to min of 122880 rather than 254???
    In terminal with root
    Code (Text):
    1. su
    2. echo 122880 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_freq
    Now on hour 100 with 65% battery left.

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