How to save contacts just to phone/google?

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  1. tigris

    tigris Member

    Hi! This is my first day using the droid pro!
    I have used droid eris in the past.
    So far, so good :)
    It is much much much faster. :)

    When saving a phone number, I could only save it to both "phone contacts" and "google contacts". In fact, I have set up multiple google accounts, and it saves contacts to ALL google accounts. I was wondering if there was a way to choose the account to save.
    Droid eris provided a way to do that.


  2. tigris

    tigris Member

    In case anyone is having the same question, here is a partial solution.

    Open Contacts-> settings.
    You will see the list of accounts that new contacts get added to.
    Uncheck any accounts that you do not want.
    But for some reason, you can not uncheck "phone,"
    If you don't want to add to phone, open the contact that you just added, unlink accounts, then delete the unwanted phone account.

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