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Support How to save Memos and Messages with KIES on my PC?

  1. tinaberger

    tinaberger Member


    I am unsing KIES to save my Calendar and Contacts data on my P
    C to backup this data.

    But this does not work with my Memos and my Messages (SMS).

    Does anybody know why?

    Probably my Memos and my messages are not saved on the mobile phone but on the sim card?



  2. MSoud

    MSoud Member

    Hey Tina! You should be able to backup and restore your Memos using Kies. In terms of Messages, you should be able to back them up but I cannot for the life of me find a 'Transfer to Phone' button like the Calendar, Contacts and Memos 'widgets' have in Kies.

    To backup your Memos:
    - Ensure your device is connected to Kies then open the 'Memos' widget;
    - Click the floppy disk button which displays the tooltip 'Export';
    - Save this to your computer in whatever folder it directs you to and your Memos should now be saved to your computer.

    To restore your Memos:
    - Ensure your device is connected to Kies then open the 'Memos' widget;
    - Click on the folder with the arrow which displays the tooltip 'Open' and further select 'My Computer';
    - Select the .smm file with your latest saved Memos;
    - Click the image with the phone beside the floppy disk which displays the tooltip 'Apply to device'
    - You may need to sync Kies with your phone for the changes to take effect which can be done by hovering over your phones image on the Samsung Kies screen and then clicking the cycling arrows.

    Messages, well, you can save them, but they can't be restored (as far as I know). I hope this helps!

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