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  1. paterd

    paterd New Member

    I have a new Droid Razr M. I am a brand new smartphone user. I managed to save an MP3 ringtone to my phone. I found it in my music icon and it plays. But how do I set it as my default ringtone? I searched the manual online, but cannot find anything about setting a downloaded ringtone.

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the site paterd :)

    I would suggest going into your Settings > Sound > Call Ringtone & Vibrate > Phone Ringtone, from there you should be able to choose what ringtone you want.

    If it still doesn't show up, feel free to use this app Ringtone Maker to make the ringtone and will automatically add the ringtone to the ringtone list
  3. jrose1g

    jrose1g New Member

    I'll second the suggestion of using Ringtone Maker. I had previously used MP3 Ringtones with limited success, and was able to use Ringtone Maker without any problem.
  4. paterd

    paterd New Member

    Thanks, I tried the first suggestion, it didn't work. I looked into the app but see lots of complaints about it so I'm afraid to try it. Maybe I'll try contacting Verizon or going into their store and getting help. The ringtones on the phone that they have to choose from are just horrible!
  5. paterd

    paterd New Member

    I found out to do it by asking a friend. Here are the steps after you have saved the MP3 ringtone to your computer (I wasn't able to save it directly to my phone). Hopefully this will help someone else with the same question.

    Device Storage
    Menu (Bottom Right - 3 squares)
    Select Item
    Copy (page icon)
    Upper left 1 copied
    Device Storage
  6. mictat2214

    mictat2214 New Member

    Voila! Worked like a charm! And, I am far from an intellectual when it comes to these things. Thanks much.

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