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  1. toofastgtp

    toofastgtp Active Member

    For the life of me i can not get pictures saved that were sent to me in a text. Am i missing something? :confused:

  2. sharksfan7

    sharksfan7 Well-Known Member

    Long press on the image and you should get a menu with an option to save. Are you not getting that? What messaging app are you using? Depending on the app it may not specifically say "Save image". On Handcent it says "Copy attachment to SD card".
  3. kollarism

    kollarism Well-Known Member

    make sure you are not actually in the gallery or viewing the image. You need to be in your messaging app showing all of you messages, then long press to get the save option.
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  4. toofastgtp

    toofastgtp Active Member

    That did it :) :D
  5. jarc13

    jarc13 New Member

    Thank u for pointing that out. Was viewing it and then pressing .
  6. phatfinger

    phatfinger Member


    And long press on the text, not the pic.

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