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how to save pictures from phoneTips

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  1. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    i'd like to know how i can save alll my pictures from my phone somewhere in case i ever lose my phone or it breaks etc thanks in advance...:eek:

  2. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    i just downloaded the photobucket app and am uploading all my photos at this time. it does state once their uploaded i will be able to view them from a computer and organize them etc im not familar with photobucket at all.... but i'm trying it out and will come back here and update how it goes for others who may want this information :)
  3. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    wow i highly recommend potobucket its awesome!!! and i recommend the app thus far that is :)
  4. resa2012

    resa2012 Well-Known Member

    so far photobucket seems to be a pretty good place to save my pictures. it also allows you to edit pics that my phone doesn't allow me to do. so if anyone is reading this and wants to know of an app to save pics to that backs up to a website that would be photobucket!! they get an A+ from me thus far :)

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