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  1. rhalie

    rhalie New Member

    Are there any other ways to unlock your phone without pressing the power button. I'm really concern that it might wear off eventually. I hope HTC could provide a key combination to bring up the screen so we don't need to always press the power button. I have tried several apps but they only lock the screen, none of them seems to activate the screen so I can just drag the ring to unlock the phone. Any tips..:)

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

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    I wouldn't worry about it, the designers/manufacturers take this sort of things into consideration and they're designed to last a very long time. It will wear out eventually, but you'll be well into the life of your next phone before that happens.
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  3. rhalie

    rhalie New Member

    Thanks a Mill! I'll put that into consideration.. I've been using the phone for 3 weeks now. So far, With regards to all of the forums that I'm in. I haven't found any thread about problems with the Power Button of Chacha.
  4. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    There is an app called 'fix broken power button' that could make you feel more comfortable.
    In case of the Chacha, you would be unlocking by using the volume buttons.
    I always keep my Chacha in a carrying case and think it's not the right one for me.. Taking it out of the case or sliding it in would probably already unlock the phone.
    Second app that would do the job is 'AnyUnlock'. This one is not sure to work on Chacha, but it's worth trying.

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