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  1. arabookworm

    arabookworm New Member

    Hi, I'm really new at this and I was hoping someone here could help me out. I wanted to save the songs I have downloaded to my phone on my tablet so I could listen to them while using it, and I connected it via the usb port and I opened the folder and found the songs, but I have no idea how to save them or where to find them. I tried selecting the songs and transferring them to internal storage, but they seem to have just disappeared en route, because none of them are there. Any tips as to how to do this? Sorry, I know this is a total noob question, but finals week has made me totally derpy and this is just defeating me right now.

  2. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Well-Known Member

    you should be able to just drag and drop the music from your Music folder from your phone to the Music folder on the tablet. I would suggest either using a desktop or laptop as a middleman or use a sd card and and just plug it into the tablet after you copy the songs over from your phone
  3. arabookworm

    arabookworm New Member

    Apparently I'm just having a supreme herp a derp day, because I tried the exact same thing again (drag and drop, like you said) and it worked this time. Freaking computers, how do they work?
  4. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Well-Known Member

    I know sometimes when moving files over to another folder in Android that it can be kinda wonky. When i was pushing some psx roms around i noticed that Android would "erase" them from the first directory and then slap them into the new one making it look instant but it was really trasnferring them for a while.
  5. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    copy rather than cut...
  6. MahaloCat

    MahaloCat Well-Known Member

    HUGE fan of Google Music! Upload All your stuff to the cloud!

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