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how to save to memory cards instead of internalGeneral

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  1. willowlee

    willowlee Well-Known Member

    How do I setup the phone to save images and videos that I download on the internet to go directly to the memory card and not the internal memory. I been trying to play around with it but cannot seem to do it. Thanks.

    btw, how come pictures that i downloaded on the internet does not show up on "My Files > Images" but only in "Gallery."

  2. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    The images you download are in your "my files" --> all files --> extSdCard --> download folder. No idea why they are not in the images selection

    As for saving on the sdcard, open "Internet" press menu and select settings then Advanced. Check default storage and change to memory card
  3. willowlee

    willowlee Well-Known Member

    ok, i think i might of gotten it. the "My files" are very specific and the pictures will not pop up if you don't specify an actual path. Thank you james.
  4. Bruceleerooy

    Bruceleerooy Member

    Hey guys/gals! On a fairly related topic (Sorry if this is in the wrong thread), I just downloaded Google Play Music to My Computer over the weekend. I wanted to upload all of my old Itunes songs to Google Play (cloud) so I can access them without needing my Ipod. I have uploaded all of the songs and everything is great so far. However, on my phone I do not see an option to save the songs to my SD Card. Not cool, as we all know the GN2 only has 16 GBs. Does anyone know how I can load the songs to my SD card without rooting my phone? I don't mind having to stream them if I have to since I have unlimited data with Sprint (I know they must HATE me for that reason...:D), but would prefer to save them to the SD card if possible. Thanks in advance!
  5. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    There is a way to save the songs for off-line play (can't remeber what setting, but it is in the settings somewhere), but it saves the files with weird names and no song info. It would be better to just transfer them to your phone and play them there or go 100% to the cloud
  6. Bruceleerooy

    Bruceleerooy Member

    I was thinking that may need to be the case. Might just stick with the Cloud because it's easier/I'm lazy. Thanks for the help though!
  7. Liam548

    Liam548 Well-Known Member

    When I plug my note 2 into my laptop it comes up under my computer, I have the option of Phone memory or sd card. Cant you just copy the music folder direct to the sd card, thats what I did with my music, it never had to go via the phone memory.

    edit: unless this is something different with google play music only running on phone..

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