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How to save to SD card lg optimus sSupport

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  1. prr

    prr New Member

    So i cant figure out how to save my pics/texts/videos etc to my SD card

    Everything saves to the internal hd automatically

    is there a setting or something im missing?

  2. Stalyn

    Stalyn Member

    i have the same question.
  3. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    Save them from what app?
    If I take a picture or video, it is automatically saved to the SD card. If I hit the "Save" button inside a picture email, it automatically saves the picture to the SD card (at the top level).

    What is the "internal hd". Do you mean the internal ROM? I don't think that you can even view the contents of the internal ROM without loading some software onto a PC and viewing the ROM from a PC.

    There is a nice free app, called "ES File Explorer" that lets you view, move, and delete folders and files on your phone. Maybe that would be of some use to you.

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