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  1. pufffee

    pufffee Member


    I have not fooled around too much and do not have tablet with me now. BUT is there a way to save things to your tablets storage that is on your SD Card. Cell phones use to give you option to save to card or phone.

    sorry if this is simple but never saw an option or read on how to do this?

  2. james515

    james515 Well-Known Member

    i have not put a card in my tablet yet, but im sure there is an option for doing that. Or at least I would hope so

  3. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Use the built-in file management app, or use a 3rd party app such as EStrong's File Explorer, to copy/paste file as needed.
  4. varkie

    varkie Well-Known Member

    From my experience you need to be rooted to use 3rd party apps (ES File Explorer and Titanium Backup Pro) to be able to write to the external sdcard. Not sure about the default file manager as that was one of the first things I uninstalled and I never used it.
  5. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    No need to root to use Estrong for copying to card from network share.
  6. varkie

    varkie Well-Known Member

    Thats true I had no problem copying and pasting files I just couldn't create a new file folder on the sdcard without having root.
  7. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Roger that. Not an issue on my non-rooted Sensation 4G. You may need to be rooted to manage the "sdcard folder" on the "root" directory, but should not be necessary for an "external sd card".
  8. jackiejh

    jackiejh New Member

    hi can any one tell me step by step how to change the usb mode to mass storage. The network settings didnt work for me it doesnt show me the option for usb, I have Samsung Galaxy 7 plus Thanks

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