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How to "Select All" after ICS update?Support

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  1. shadowvfx

    shadowvfx Member

    I recently updated to the official ICS update for my Galaxy SII Skyrocket and oh man do I regret it. I'm fortunate that I haven't suffered from the serious performance hits that others have mentioned, but I do find the subtle user interface changes they've made to be incredibly irritating.

    One thing I'm having issues with is selecting a large body of text (say from an email). I used to be able to long-press in the chat box and the option "Select All" was there. I hit it and can then paste it into any other place I want (like a txt msg). However, since the update, when I long-press a text box, I only get the option to "Paste" and "Clipboard". This is driving me nuts, because I would use select all very frequently, and this has slowed down my messaging abilities substantially.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to offer me on how I can quickly select all the text as described above with the new ICS update?

  2. RAP1656

    RAP1656 New Member

    I can copy and past from texting and email. When I press and hold on large email text it brings up a shaded area with arrow type marker on each side of it. Then you slide the markers to what you want to copy. Then at the bottom of the window you select the icon that looks like 2 pieces of paper. It says it copied it to a clipboard. Then go to your text message window, press and hold and select paste. Works every time. Hope that helps you out.
  3. shadowvfx

    shadowvfx Member

    I have seen this, but it is no where as quick or easy as it used to be to simple long-press and hit SELECT ALL, then paste it somewhere else. I have NO idea why'd they remove a feature like this.
  4. alfa9196

    alfa9196 New Member

    Hi, I was frustrated with this also as I just converted from iphone and there was a "select all" feature that I used often. I accidentally stumbled across the answer to your thread. I was doing some cutting and pasting on my samsung s3 in in portrait mode. I had a hard time viewing the text on the edges, so I rotated it into landscape mode, highlighted the text and whollah !!! there was an option that popped up for
    "select all" !!!!!
    Hope this helps.

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