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How to select which calendars to show?Support

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  1. Gambolputty

    Gambolputty New Member

    Hello everyone

    I used to be able to choose which calendars where displayed in the stock calendar app on my HTC Desire S. Around christmas a few months ago, there was some upgrade, and I am no longer able to choose which of my calendars are displayed. Because of this, I have to stop syncing my Facebook contacts to my phone to get their profile pictures, because this also syncs their birthdays, which then clutter up my calendar. Also, all the calendars I have access to on my google calendar account show up. On my computer, I only need to turn some of them on briefly, and then turn them off for better overview, but that is no longer possible for me on my phone.

    Does anyone know what happened to the feature that allowed you to choose which calendars are displayed in the stock calendar app? I would really like to be able to customize this again.

    Some info about my phone:

    HTC Desire S
    Android version: 2.3.5
    HTC Sense version: 3.0
    Software number: 2.10.401.8
    Kernel version:
    Baseband version: 20.4801.30.0822U_3822.10.08.04_M
    Build number: 2.10.401.8 CL 156318

    Also, in case you need to know, I live in Denmark, and bought the phone here.

    I really hope someone can help, and I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

  2. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    When you open the calendar app, at the top of the calendar there should be three symbols, an arrow type symbol pointing down, magnifying glass and a plus symbol. Tap the arrow and you should see the calendars you want to see. Hope that helps.

    If I remember correctly, in the previous version you pressed the menu button, then press view
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  3. Gambolputty

    Gambolputty New Member

    That's where they hid that feature. Thanks a lot, that really helped me. I'll stop cursing at my phone now :)

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