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  1. lisalela

    lisalela Member

    How do I change the notification (text) tone to a song, instead of the preset ones offered on the phone? I figured out how to set a caller ringtone and such, but can't seem to figure out how to use a song for a text tone. Help! :eek:

  2. RavenDBlades

    RavenDBlades Active Member

    Personally I use Handcent SMS, it allows me to set full songs as notification tones for each contact in my contact list. To use Handcent SMS notifications, click on the "gear" icon in the upper right hand corner and select notification settings and select music. Its actually pretty simple to figure out. If you have any issues with it give me a shout ill help you to the best of my ability.
  3. edgchacon

    edgchacon Well-Known Member

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