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  1. HoLzBeRd

    HoLzBeRd New Member

    Hey there guys, sorry in advance for my noobness. I've had only 2 android phones, so don't laugh too hard at my question ;). Basically, I have tried ringdroid already (it makes the mp3 file just fine) but when i go to choose it in the list of ringtones, it plays the "emergency call" sounding tone. Also, I have tried creating folders on my external SD card with the following path: Media / Audio / Ringtones...(as well as a Notifications folder under the Audio folder)...the phone fails to recognize any of the files i put there. Tried rebooting to no avail. I'm sure there's something stupid I'm forgetting but this is pretty annoying...please help guys!

  2. novemberwhiskey

    novemberwhiskey Well-Known Member

    several ways/options:

    1. dl Zedge app

    2. settings/sounds

    3. settings/notification (in each individual app)

    4. contacts--menu--options (personalized ringtones)
  3. anticipator

    anticipator Well-Known Member

    Try going directly to your file (maybe mp3?) that you put on your phone. From the apps, files, look around a bit...maybe in media, sounds, notifications etc till you find the particular file you want to use. Select it, then you can play it. Use the menu button left bottom and it will give you the option to use that file as a phone ringtone. Do that, then it will then appear in your list of selectable ringtones for phone ringtones. From there, you can use the file.
  4. lwolfe

    lwolfe New Member

    It took me awhile to figure it out but heres what you do. After downloading your song/ringtone, go into your music icon. Select the song you want as a ringtone and let it play. While it's playing, select your menu button on the bottom and then select (use as ringtone). It will then appear in your selection when choosing a ringtone for your phone.
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  5. dbx64

    dbx64 Well-Known Member

    "mp3 ringtone"
  6. Messor

    Messor New Member

    He can also use the wireless app "Airdroid" it allows you to import ringtones using wireless via an IP it gives you for your browser, you click ringtones then import and if the file is the correct format you will be set,hope this helps.
  7. Snsnoober

    Snsnoober New Member

    lwolfe, thanks so much! I was finally able to download and set my own ringtone for the first time!

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