How to set how many homescreens are available on Huawei Ascend?Support

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  1. cdysthe

    cdysthe Active Member


    How can I reduce the amount of home screens on the Huawei Ascend? It's currently nine, but I would like to be able to have fewer but can't find the setting for it.

  2. UnSmartphone

    UnSmartphone Well-Known Member

    go to the app store... search LauncherPro and install it.. then when you are looking at your homescreen press the homescreen button(in my case its the hangup button) then you will see the option to select LauncherPro... Ok once you have selected that you will notice your home screen looks a little different.. Press the menu button and select Preferences... From there you can select how many homescreens you have... plus there are alot more options for customizing your home screen.. (make it look like froyo, change your dock buttons etc..)

    Here is the link to where i learned to use it... How to Install and Use Launcher Pro for Android
  3. cdelapena

    cdelapena New Member

    Thanks for your help with this. It worked perfect for me. :)
  4. dEris

    dEris Well-Known Member

    I also recommend LauncherPro.
  5. blackbrolly

    blackbrolly Active Member

    LP ftw. I use it on all my android phones

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