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  1. tkas88

    tkas88 Active Member

    how to set mp3 as ringtone on galaxy s

  2. MAJED

    MAJED New Member

    - On Music Player.
    - Hold on the name of the File.
    - on the pop-menu select "Set as"
    - Now select to which one you want to assign the mp3 file.

  3. tkas88

    tkas88 Active Member

    ok thank u
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  4. AliDev

    AliDev New Member

    Many thanks. Easy when you know where to look.:)
  5. Wild Thing

    Wild Thing Well-Known Member

    create a folder on your internal sd card called ringtones if its not there already, then just drop in all the mp3 music files you may want to select. They will now show up in your settings>sound>phone ringtone selections.
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  6. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    Use the ringtones folder especially if you have ringtones you don't want to show up in your Media Player.
  7. gerzenplerter

    gerzenplerter Member

    Thanks for that info :)
  8. boofighter

    boofighter New Member

    not to thread jack, but when i do this not all the contacts on my phone show up in the list. they are there when i want to make a call, but not there when i want to pick them for a custom ring tone.
  9. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    You can't set custom ringtones for contacts that are only stored on your SIM card. I think that might be the problem.
  10. pbekesi

    pbekesi New Member

    Does anyone know how to remove a ringtone from the ringtone list if set the way above?
    I don't see the original mp3 file being copied to any of the ringtones folders, but I want to remove it from the ringtones list...
  11. samohcl

    samohcl New Member

    May i know how to set mms and incoming vidoe call ringtones?
  12. MaryMR

    MaryMR Member

    My new Galaxy SII phone arrived yesterday and I have not yet learned all the ins and outs. I've had an iPhone for three years so Android is new to me. However, I did find an easy way to do this if you have not yet learned how to add a folder or work in the root or even know what the root is...yet!

    Install Kies Air (it's in your apps) to connect to your wireless PC or laptop. Then open the app and follow instructions to go to the URL given. Once there, on the left, click on Ringtones. You'll see all the ringtones that come with the phone. You will also find a place where you can choose to "upload." I had saved the MP3 file to my desktop, so I went there, selected it, and clicked install. I then set it as the default ringtone while still in Kies Air.

    I then went to my phone and checked the ringtone list, it was there, and was set as the default.

    WOW...I could never do this on the iPhone. How cool is this system?

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  13. rshereemilner

    rshereemilner New Member

    anyone know how to have personalized ringtones for text message for indiviual contacts
  14. cjrayne84

    cjrayne84 New Member

    YOU my friend are a lifesaver, thank you SO much for this info! :)
  15. MaryMR

    MaryMR Member

    @ rshereenmilner: all the basic info such as customized ringtones is in the user manual which is available online (or as a PDF download) to your computer. It is about 200 pages and is invaluable. It is searchable and there is a good index at the end. Try the link below:

    If that does not take you directly to the PDF then go to the link below and go down toward the end of the page at the link below, click on the download PDF tab, and proceed from there:

    Samsung Galaxy S II S2 Manual User Guide SGH i777 AT&T 4G HSPA+ & Specs Overview PDF Download | Read Online | Owner Handbook Instruction

  16. Angie2554

    Angie2554 New Member

    Could anyone tell me how to set mp3 ringtone as my default ringtone? I went to setting > sound > phone ringtone and stuck there. I couldnt find my mp3 ringtone which I saved them in my separate "ringtone" file.
    But I can assign ringtone for each of my contact. :confused:

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