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How to set MP3 audio as Ringtone ?Support

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  1. nytram

    nytram New Member

    can some1 please help how do i use a mp3 tune as ringtone do i need to download an app of some tipe or itunes

  2. vikigmk

    vikigmk Member

    Create a folder "Ringtones" and put the mp3 files into it. Now you these files can be selected as ring tones.
  3. GShum

    GShum Member

    Did vikigmk answer help you?

    The folder "ringtones" (and also folder "alarms" and folder "notifications") need to be subfolders in folder "media" (which should be in the root of the sdcard).
  4. PinkPatty

    PinkPatty Active Member

    Quick instruction. Hope this will help you.

    1. On your widgets, tap and open MUSIC.
    2. Tap SONGS Tab, locate your favorite music you want to set as your caller ringtone.
    3. Play your selected MP3.
    4. While playing the music press MENU KEY. As you can see on the screenshot, different options and one of these is set as ringtone.
  5. isneer

    isneer Member

    Click the desired song, go to setting, click Set as and then as ring tone.
  6. nytram

    nytram New Member

    thanks guys 4 all your help
  7. jeffcleds

    jeffcleds Well-Known Member

    i use zedge for this :p
  8. rkab

    rkab Member

    The storing in Ringtones works for me, but the "Set As" does not show up for me .When I have an audio playing and click on Menu . The following pop up:
    1. Add to quick list
    2.Via Bluetooth
    3. Share music with
    4. Add to playlist
    5. Details
    6. Settings
    7. End

    I have S3 SGHT999V with Mobilicity in Canada ( similiar to T-mobile) I believe. Please help.
  9. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    That's Right!!
  10. GuelphAndroid

    GuelphAndroid New Member

    Perfect instructions Pink Patty

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