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  1. LaRaBa

    LaRaBa New Member


    I want to set mp3 as ringtone and message tone. But i can't do it.

    Please help.

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  2. bruce_ooi

    bruce_ooi New Member

    goto "Music", tap and hold at your desired song, a menu will popup, choose "set as phone ringtone", wala...
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  3. Ace46

    Ace46 New Member

    I would also like to know how to set a message tone. Ring tone no problem, but message way that I have found

  4. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    messages > left side lower button [left to center button (donno what its called)] > select ringtone
  5. Leyland

    Leyland Member

    No way that you can use mp3 for message tone as there is no option at all for that :(
  6. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, try downloading "Ringdroid" app for free from market. Lets you use any mp3 on your handset as a ringtone/message alert/notification. Plus you can play with your playlists etc..
    Hope this helps! :)
  7. dogla

    dogla Member

    You can create a folder on the root of your memorycard and name it "Notifications". Copy your songs into this folder and you'll be able to use those songs als message/notification tones.
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  8. docminc

    docminc New Member

    hi there, I'm also a newbie in using android..
    I don't use any application
    I just go to "My files" folder and then I copy the mp3 music file that I'd like to use as my message ringtone (you just need to tap and hold the music file then you can choose to copy or move the music file), after that I paste it in folder media/audio/notifications (also in "My files").
    After you paste it then you can go to message/inbox icon located at the bottom of your screen and in the message/inbox setting now you can choose the file that you've copied as your message ringtone..

    Hope this can help..
  9. bunnytherabbit

    bunnytherabbit New Member

    Thank you. I managed to set in 5 secs.
  10. lunag

    lunag New Member

    How about if we want to set different ringtone for different contacts? Can message tone do this as well?
  11. picajong

    picajong New Member

    save the contacts number from ur sim card to ur phone, then press the contact number ur want to choose, find "edit", then u can set different ringtone for different contacts
  12. Ashicool

    Ashicool New Member

    Great buddy.. that worked....
  13. kittyroid

    kittyroid New Member

    thank u so much... this really works.. i just converted my .mp3 tone to .m4a ;)
  14. hollow91

    hollow91 New Member

    But why I'm already tap and hold at my desired song, a menu popup , but don't have "set as phone ringtone" ? Just pop out with this list : Share , Delete , Move , Copy , Rename , Details me please..
  15. alliana

    alliana New Member

    How come I don't see this folder under My Files?:confused: HELP!
    (do I need to create this folder?)
  16. silentnght07

    silentnght07 New Member

    Go to market and download ZEDGE this will help you for ringtones and message tones..... hope this works NOTE: Zedge allows you to download music or use music of youre phone its pretty simple to do....:D
  17. sivadar

    sivadar New Member

    Really easy app to use. No fussing with cut, paste, create file. RECOMMEND IT:):)
  18. arunmay17

    arunmay17 New Member

    Thanks I was able to set the song as my ringtone...
  19. thivanan85

    thivanan85 New Member

    thanks bro great idea its work
  20. thivanan85

    thivanan85 New Member

    great idea
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  21. rsaurabh2003

    rsaurabh2003 Well-Known Member

    Superb..... Thanks Man.... I was aware of Ring tone..... But the message tone trick really helped...... Now I can get rid off old sammys message tones...
  22. DGwithAce

    DGwithAce Member

    yes you would have to create it unless you are using facebook app in which case it would already have been created. so myfiles>media>audio and there create the folder named notifications and copy and paste the ringtone of your choice there.. All the best!
  23. nudgeusw

    nudgeusw New Member

    Hi,I am new these android phones,to carry out the above ,am I right in assuming this is done via a PC with a USB cable?
  24. malibulucy

    malibulucy New Member

    ok im a complete noob to this android lark so please bear with me if this seems a little simple. Have been trying to set one of my songs as a message tone with no success so far. Tried following the instructions above but i have no media file in my files, have opened hidden files etc and there is nothing. I have also synced the handset to my comp and created a folder like someone else suggested for wallpapers and notifications however this shows up on my comp but when i try to access these files from the handset i cannot do anything with them (pictures are on handset but there is no option to do anything with them such as set as wallpaper etc, they are in usb storage folder on handset if this makes any difference whilst on comp have been saved in folders under external sd card)
    Im getting quite frustrated with this so if anyone can give me some pointers this would be much appreciated :D
  25. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi, as I previously posted above on April 27th, just download a free app from the market called "Ringdroid". No need to fanny around copy & pasting, or creating new files, it does it all for you!! Simples. Hope this helps. GrahamF. London :cool:

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