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  1. newraze

    newraze Active Member

    How do you set your own music on a Pantech Breakout? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. sthrnsqrl

    sthrnsqrl Active Member

    You need to get Ringtone Maker 0.3.0 Ringtone Maker 0.3.0 Multimedia App | PCWorld
    Once you create your ringtone from your own tunes, it can be saved in your ringtones, and will come up when you browse apps/settings/sounds.

    This is the easiest way I have found so far.

    Hope it helps.

  3. ckupsco

    ckupsco Member

    I use ringdroid to cut music to ringtone size. Then i use shuffle tone to make a list of songs that rotate as my ringtone.

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