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  1. vjmaheshbabu

    vjmaheshbabu Member

    Can you please guide me how can we set various audio files such as MP3, WAV, MP4 etc., as sms alert tones...

    Plz help me:(

  2. galapop

    galapop New Member

    Copy your ringtones files to the PhoneMemory at

    These files should now be listed in your list of ringtones.

    Other than these, you may try installing some market app and set them as alert tones.
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  3. vjmaheshbabu

    vjmaheshbabu Member

    How can I navigate to Phone Memory.. When i click My Files .. I am able to c only SD card option... plz help...
  4. Sargun

    Sargun Active Member

    Use root explorer to navigate phone memory
  5. Swift-R

    Swift-R New Member

    Whenever I try to paste an mp3 file in that ringtones directory using root explorer, it gives me a message saying the file (folder) is read only.
  6. Sargun

    Sargun Active Member

    Before pasting the mp3 file,mount ringtone directory as r/w mode (read and writable) by pressing the button on the right corner on the screen.
  7. vjmaheshbabu

    vjmaheshbabu Member

    Hi Sargun.. I have downloaded Z4root and tried to root my Samsung Mini.. but It didnt work.... :(... it was procesing for a long time and nothing happened.. Can u suggest me any other s/w's for rooting.... plz
  8. Sargun

    Sargun Active Member

    Root your phone with superoneclick
  9. vjmaheshbabu

    vjmaheshbabu Member

    I rooted my phone with Superoneclick.. Pasted the mp3 file in the \system\media\audio\ringtones........... But no use..
    I am not able to view the mp3 file from settings for selecting the tone... :mad::confused:
  10. vjmaheshbabu

    vjmaheshbabu Member

    Follow this procedure... Its working

    Create a new folder in /sdcard/Media as 'Notifications' paste the mp3 file in this...

    Reboot your mobile... remove the battery and keep aside for few seconds.. and switch it on...

    You will now see the MP3 file in Message Tones.. :D;)

  11. FuryKhan

    FuryKhan New Member

    the most easiest n Quickest wayy to set a ring tune of ur own is to foolow these steps, n it wil work definitly ,, give ur feed back ;)

    Manual Trick

    1. Open My Files menu on your android phone
    2. Create new folder on SD Card root and rename to " Notifications "
    3. Open Mp3 file and move to folder " Notifications "
    4. Check on the Notifications tone Setting, your own Mp3 will appear.
  12. TalentTrust

    TalentTrust New Member

    No need to root your phone. You just have to have the specific folder for each type of sound.

    Go to "Menu",click on "My files", and within the sdcard, create a folder named "Sounds"


    1. For Alarms, create a folder named "Alarms" within that directory. Copy/move here the sounds you want as your alarm.
    2. Likewise for Ringtones, create a folder named 'Ringtones", and copy/move here your preferred music
    3. Lastly, for Notifications, create a folder named "Notifications", and copy/move here your preferred notification sound

    So, basically, within your sdcard, you have these directories:


    When you choose ringtone for phone/notifications in your Settings, the music you included in those directories should appear.

    For Alarms, go to Clock, Add alarm, and then there's an option to change the alarm Ringtone there.
  13. karmarus

    karmarus New Member

    An alternate and easy way is to go to the audio file, click options and set it as your ring tone "temporarily" it will now always show in the list of ringtones unless you move or delete the file. You can now set your ringtone back to your preferred choice and access the audio file to use on other things such as your alarm etc.

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