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  1. mobisat

    mobisat Member

    In the root of your SD card create the following folders


    In these folders put your favourite MP3 files. You can now use these MP3 files as per the topic.

    Notifications - Message tones and Notification tones
    Ringtones - Your phone ringtones
    Alarms - Your alarm mp3s

    Using these folders there is no need to play the MP3 files first in Music Player.

    Hope this is useful for other newbies like myself.

  2. lwrly

    lwrly New Member

    Thanks very much this was really helpful!
  3. Aldgate

    Aldgate New Member

    I created the folders as instructed by mobisat but still I can't get the mp3 file in the list of alarm tones! Any ideas?
  4. sspale

    sspale New Member

    I created folder Notifications and i putt one mp3 file in it i can find that file and set for sms tone but when i recive sms that tone doesent work :(( ?
  5. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Nice job, mobisat. I've moved your tips to the Tips and Tricks sub-forum.

    Keep 'em coming! :)
  6. citynest

    citynest New Member

    Dude you are the man, thanks for taking the frustration off my mind, Please can you email me al the settings of galaxy fit if you dont mind please
  7. Tenga

    Tenga New Member

    Can you Have different ringtones for different contacts?
  8. japes

    japes New Member

    Please, how do I "access the root of my sdcard"? How do I create a folder there? And how do I find the files (mp3s) that I want to put there? And then how do I put them there? I am sorry. I am very old.
  9. Azmael

    Azmael New Member

    I've found this via google & it worked for me.

    In root of ur SD card, create a media directory, then inside this create an audio directory. Then the above directory inside audio. It worked for me.

    Oh, & btw hello peeps - this is my first post!!!!!
  10. RJ Karthik

    RJ Karthik New Member

    Thank you mobisat. It works well....

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