How to set up the camera to save photos to SD Card?General

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  1. SilverGS

    SilverGS Active Member

    How do you setup the camera to default to saving photos and movies to the micro SD card instead of on the flash memory?

  2. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Open camera and click the settings tab, then scroll down to storage then click on it to change between memory card and phone. I'm sure mine auto set memory card after I initially set the phone up.
  3. SilverGS

    SilverGS Active Member

    Thanks. That worked.

    One more question - how do you set the default folder for downloads to be on the SD card instead of internal storage?
  4. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Downloads do not go to the sd card.
    Only thing you can put on your card is music, pics, videos.
  5. racerfern

    racerfern New Member

    Hmm, in settings I selected SD card and it appears to work correctly. However if you remove the SD card from the phone and plug it directly into a computer the pictures are not there. Using Astro File Manager I see My Files and My Files 2... using My Files supplied with my S3 I have extSdCard and sdcard0 but it appears sdcard0 is a fake name for the phone because again, nothing is actually on the card itself when removed from the phone.

    Even using a couple of programs that allow exporting to SD get fooled and put the export data in the "fake" SD folder.

    Suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong, please. I stumbled across this when my SD card went bad and I put in a new SD card and did some backups. They're just not on the card.
  6. thelastvoice

    thelastvoice New Member

    sdcard0 is internal phone storage. extsdcard is the external/removeable (sd card) storage. Changing the camera save setting doesn't move previously taken pics to extsdcard. You have to do that manually in a file explorer or the gallery app. Also the save location on extsdcard will be in the DCIM folder, not in the Pictures folder.

    Apps that have an option to store data or cache on the sdcard will almost always use sdcard0 and not extsdcard. For all intents and purposes, sdcard0 is treated as the primary sdcard and extsdcard is just extra removeable storeage.
  7. Harls

    Harls New Member

    Go into 'My Files', click on 'All Files' - it will show your internal storage (sdcard0) and extSdCard
    Click on sdcard0 - you will see 'Downloads' listed, tick the box.
    You will now see an icon in the top right hand corner of 3 horizontal bars with a little triangle - click on it and it will show an icon 'Move'
    Click on 'Move' and it will show you the two options of internal storage or the SD Card.
    Click on 'extSdCard' and 'Downloads' will be transferred to the SD Card.
    That's it.

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