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how to set up voicemailSupport

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  1. skintchicken

    skintchicken New Member

    i haven't found anything on here that answers my question so i apologize if i am asking a repeat question.

    i am very new to smartphones and just got an htc incredible with verizon. i can't figure out how to set up voicemail. how do i record a personalized message? how do i even make voicemail start to work? i am not talking about visual voicemail, just the basic kind. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

  2. LickTheEnvelope

    LickTheEnvelope Well-Known Member

    Basic voicemail is usually done through your provider (Verizon in this case).

    Normally (on other carriers) you dial your own number (or use a auto-dial to 'Voicemail'), enter a password provided by your carrier, then it instructs you on how to setup.

    At least that's been my experience with normal Voicemail(s).
  3. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

  4. AndroidRider

    AndroidRider Well-Known Member

    Mine just transferred over as is from my old phone, I do wanna re record it though.. I've had the same terrible voice mail message from 6-7 years ago.. lol

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