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How to setup a calling card for long distanceSupport

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  1. Gilles1945

    Gilles1945 Member

    I'm trying to fieger out a way on how to program my HTC Wildfire S went I want to do a long distance call with my calling card. That way I want have to input all those numbers. I call my provider which is Bell Canada and they do not support this kind of situation. Also I call HTC and they could find a way.

    I would appreciate your help please!

  2. Gilles1945

    Gilles1945 Member

    Well as I can see the HTC Wildfire S is probably not equipped to be program for a calling card.
    Thanks anyway
  3. j.cecire

    j.cecire New Member

    It would be nice to be able to send the calling card before dialing the contact. I cold not find a way either.

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