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  1. Senorkabob

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    Before I post this...I want to say I am NOT responsible if any of you brick your phone while attempting to do this. I just simply want to pass this along for those who are interested in applying themes.

    Go here and follow these steps:
    This will take you through the process of getting root back on your phone. This is essential in making any alteration to the Android OS.

    After you successfully root your phone, go to:

    This forum has themes to download. Please I urge you to read through a few of the posts to understand that each theme is propriatary to the build you have on the phone. Once again, I am not responsible if you brick your phone.

    After you download the theme:

    Installation Instructions:
    -Rename it to and place it on your sdcard.
    -Turn off phone and start in recovery mode. (Home + Power)
    -Press Alt + S
    -Press Home + Back once update is complete

    Mods: If im breaking any rules with this post feel free to delete, and my bad.


    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    Seems fine to me.
  3. randel77

    randel77 Well-Known Member

    I havn't been able to install any themes since I installed jf1.41 rc33. Before I had jf rc30 and themes installed fine but not anymore. Any ideas?
  4. mish147

    mish147 Well-Known Member

    pretty cool, im considering doing this right now, one question how do i revert back if i want the regular theme
  5. Senorkabob

    Senorkabob Member

  6. Senorkabob

    Senorkabob Member

    You have to make 100% sure that the themes are built for RC33. I fell into this same issue. It should say RC33 in the title.
  7. zgmf-x322a

    zgmf-x322a New Member

    but will it factory reset the phone if u applied the "theme" update?
  8. android fan s3

    android fan s3 New Member


    There are a numbers of things you can customize to make your phone look all new and different. They include:

    1. Launcher

    There are a number of different launchers that can be downloaded from Google Playstore. Most of them look different and give a different feeling on the phone. Different launchers have different arrangement and number of home-screens and applications on the app drawer. Some launchers use the home-screens as App drawers for simplicity and ease of use. It all comes down to preference. There are a number of launchers you will explore while customizing your phone making it a fun experience.

    2. Widgets

    Adding widgets to your home-screen is a good way to customize your android experience. Widgets will also add up as shortcuts to your applications and settings. After downloading and installing a widget, you just return to your home-screen and tap and hold on any free area then choose widgets. Select your desired widget to place it on the home screen. You can then move it to the desired location. Widgets such as weather and clock widgets look amazing on the home-screen.

    3. Theme

    Themes are the best in terms of customizations. They totally change the appearance of the phone’s UI (User Interface). They usually have a predominant colour that sets the mood on one’s phone. To set a different theme, just download and install it. Open the Theme Chooser application to get the list of installed themes then select the desired theme to install it. Themes customize the notification bar and other applications such as the Dialer and the Settings application.

    4. Ringtone and Notification sounds

    Changing your ringtone and notification sounds once in a while makes your phone feel all different and fun to use.

    5. Keyboard

    There are a number of virtual keyboards you can install on your android phone. They can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. Some are convenient in that they have well spaced letters, some are beautifully themed to attract while others have additional features like swipe or gestures. Testing out the keyboards is a fun thing to do as you customize your phone.

    6. Wallpapers and animations

    Changing the wallpaper on your android phone regularly makes it feel refreshened and makes you want to look at your phone more often. Live wallpapers makes your phone feel lively and makes you want to use it. Allowing animations during transitions from one screen to another improves the looks of your phone’s user interface.

    Go ahead, customize your android phone.

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