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  1. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

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  2. adseguy

    adseguy Well-Known Member

    Very cool. Thanks
  3. RedsGT

    RedsGT Well-Known Member

    Ok, taking a screen shot on the EVO is about 25x harder than an iPhone. lol
  4. chasers

    chasers Well-Known Member

    i think i missed the confirmation that i can link my itunes account w. the evo. so excited for this! what i love about itunes is the free song monday to download amongst other things.
  5. Berner

    Berner Well-Known Member

    Now that we have root, you just download an app and press a button. Easy peasy.

    The "hard" way is only needed if you don't have root.
  6. chasers

    chasers Well-Known Member

    actually its not that hard. once you use the app to take the pic it stores in your picture folder. the other way im used to is having the actual app installed onto the device and take the pic and its stored onto your memory card then you just upload it to whatever forum you like. i used both methods with blackberries.
  7. me2u69

    me2u69 Active Member

    Thanks this will come in handy when I get the EVO.
  8. Scarlett920

    Scarlett920 Well-Known Member

    This is great info! This is great for me so I can use my ITunes.
  9. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Like Homer Simpson's boss says... "Excellent."

    Just added to the "All Forum FAQ" thread

  10. blake247

    blake247 Well-Known Member

    Good stuff
  11. Colorado_Al

    Colorado_Al Well-Known Member

    Use ShootMe from the market. Does not need root on the EVO. Activate it, and whenever you shake the phone for 1/2 second, it takes a screen shot.
  12. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    i am %99 sure that the answer to this is no but im going to ask anyway

    does doing a clean wipe as followed delete your phone number as well?
    How to hard reset the HTC EVO 4G - Know Your Cell

    i ask this because i plan on doing this immediatley after i get it because the guys at my BB store like to play around with the past few phones i've gotten there, they think they know everything and on my brothers hero they even installed some apps for him because "nobody else knows anything" anyway this is my first android so i want the welcome tutorial and everything
  13. GhostFlame

    GhostFlame Well-Known Member

    when i talked to my BB about how they have to activate it all then need to do is scan the bar code and they are done. because i also want to be the first one to touch my phone. call your local BB and ask if you can be the one to mess with it.
  14. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    I am not sure I understand your question. When you do a clean wipe it does not need to be activated again, and therefor your number is still there.
    A clean wipe just puts it back to the state in which it was when HTC put it in the box.
  15. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    lol if that's the case wtf is with the half hour appointment slots! sounds like it's faster this way then just walking in and buying a phone, whatever. i just want the tutorial LMAO, no clue why as i've played around with android for a LONG time
  16. GhostFlame

    GhostFlame Well-Known Member

    the BB i am going to didn't tell me they needed to set up an appointment, just said that because of the high demand for the phone i would have to wait till the second shipment, which is what i was expecting, and they also said all i have to do is walk up to BBM and tell them my name and they will get me my phone and the gift card
  17. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    When you wipe you will get the tutorial back when you first start the phone up.

    I remember back in January I bought the instinct HD and it was a real piece of crap so I took it back. All they had was the moment and the hero that is worth a dam, don't like keyboards so I took the Hero. The guy messed with it and such while he was setting it up. Well I get home I had never heard or seen android I was lost. Did not even know I needed a google account to do anything on the phone.
    So I totally understand what you are saying.
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  18. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

    nice site, but I have a mac, so is there any option for me outside of doubletwist?
  19. GhostFlame

    GhostFlame Well-Known Member

    i might be trying Itunes Agent just to see, it says it will do any device with itunes
  20. nycbhh

    nycbhh Well-Known Member

    Regarding the iTunes Agent, can that be used to sync movies, tv episodes and podcasts as well?
  21. GhostFlame

    GhostFlame Well-Known Member

    don't know havn't tried it yet, you could google it
  22. nycbhh

    nycbhh Well-Known Member

  23. rsa

    rsa Well-Known Member

    I've probably missed this somewhere so don't flame me right out of the box! I consider myself computer literate but have zero experience with Android. I've not seen anything about something as simple as getting contacts synced into the EVO. I have a vague understanding that you apparently have to sync contacts from a gmail account? So I've got an existing gmail account and I have an existing WinMobile 6.1 cell phone that I currently sync with Outlook. I assume that I need to some how sync my Outlook contacts and calendar to my gmail account? And then when I get my EVO I just tell it my gmail account and it will magically suck down my contacts and or calendar?

    Any specifics on this or a link to an existing explanation would be very much appreciated. :)
  24. fofy21

    fofy21 Member

    I'm an android noob myself, so might not be the best to answer this, but I think the short answer to your question is....yes.

    In gmail, you go to Contacts (link on the left side of the screen). You can import .CSV files at the like, edit the contacts, make your own groups, whatever. On my old school phone I was able to save my contacts as a .CSV file on the microSD card and then load that on my computer into Google contacts.

    Then when you sign into the EVO with you Google account, it will upload your contacts (and from what I've read, two-way sync to ensure backup of your contacts in the clouds).

    Hope this helps.
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