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  1. arelunde

    arelunde Member

    How can I tell if I have a missed phone call? There doesn't seem to be any method of notification, such as the BlackBerry's "Missed 1 call" text message on the screen.

    I'm wondering how many calls I miss. At least, if I'm on the X, I get a notice there's another incoming call. Otherwise... ???

  2. Paycer

    Paycer Well-Known Member

    Tap on your phone icon like you're going to make a call. Now tap on the, "Recent," tab at the top. This list shows all recent calls, including missed, outgoing, incoming, etc.
  3. cwrig

    cwrig Well-Known Member

    Missed calls should also accumulate in the notification bar until you clear them
  4. Paycer

    Paycer Well-Known Member

    I figured he'd know about those. I don't understand how you could miss them if you're an Android user. :p I check my notification bar constantly and notice everything new in there.
  5. jimbo1mcm

    jimbo1mcm Well-Known Member

    I use an app called Easy Reminder. I have it set so I get a notification tone an infinite number of times when I have a missed call. That way, when I come back to my phone I can hear it telling me I missed a call. You can set the time for other intervals. I like the program.
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  6. Phateless

    Phateless Well-Known Member

    Or until you view your contacts or call log.
  7. flippy1974

    flippy1974 Well-Known Member

    Mine don't i have to the call log to see any missed calls
  8. arelunde

    arelunde Member

    On the call log, it only shows incoming or outgoing calls (blue vs. green arrows heading in different directions) - not that any were missed. I haven't noticed the notification bar alert, but will certainly keep an eye on it for missed calls. I do check it frequently for email/text notifications.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the easy reminder app. Will check it out.
  9. Phateless

    Phateless Well-Known Member

    All calls are shown together, so a missed call will be in the same list, it just has a different icon. It's a curved arrow. Leave yourself a missed call from another number to test it out.
  10. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Well-Known Member

    If you using Launcher Pro you can enable a "missed call count" to show up on the phone icon in the dock.

  11. DMGullette

    DMGullette Member

    Click on the green Call butoon.
    At the top you will see 4 tabs.
    Dialer, Recent, Contacts and Favorites.
    Just below the 4 tabs is a horizontal bar that should say All Calls on the left. But on the right you will see a downward arrow.
    Press and drag the arrow downward and a window will pop open.
    In that window will be 4 choices to pick.
    All calls, Missed calls, Recieved calls and Outgoing calls.

    This should work on all Android phones.

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