how to sign in to "" accounts in the IM app?Support

  1. galaxy101

    galaxy101 New Member

    The IM app allows me to sign in to the other messengers fine but when i try to log in to windows live messenger with "" emails you can only choose the domains:,, and other

    I've tried to play around with all of these but just keep getting error messages :confused::confused:

    Can anyone help me out here? Cheers :D

  2. Gretho

    Gretho Active Member

    I say: forget the IM app.. it is horrible. I got mine to work after 2 hours of screwing around w/ it and it just made my cell crash over and over. Use eBuddy.
  3. galaxy101

    galaxy101 New Member

    I was using ebuddy as a temporary solution but you have a point..ebuddy's here to stay!
  4. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    thts annoying. i personally really like the IM app. its simple, easy to use. and i have a id so its fine.. i didnt know that it was so limited. if thats the case, here's another + for ebuddy :)

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