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  1. BillTan

    BillTan Member

    I updated my P500 to 2.3.3 V20d recently.

    I used the Email icon in the Menu to open Yahoo email, but there is no sin-out option, so every time I click the icon the email account will open automatically.

    Does anyone know how to sign-out the email account?

  2. olskool

    olskool Well-Known Member

    Really no need to but you can go to settings and clear cookies. That will sign you out and require you to sign back in. I never sign out and my passwords are auto saved in my phone anyway. I ALWAYS do, however force close my browser after I am through. The app and account are garbage and through a shortcut method I do have that option. I just don’t use it.
  3. BillTan

    BillTan Member

    I went to setting and clear everything such as cookies, cache, password and history, and uncheck remember cookies,remember password.

    When I click the Email icon, the email account opens automatically again.
  4. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    use a yahoo mail app download it from market..
  5. BillTan

    BillTan Member

    Yahoo email app has been used before updating, still remember it also can't be sign-out.

    Doubt if it is a bug in software or a feature of android phone for easy access.
  6. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    Even gmail app doesnt have sign out
  7. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    Try this
    Goto settings > Accounts & Sync > Click the account u want to remove > Click Remove account..

    It definitely works for removing ur Gmail & FB account, dunno about Yahoo..
  8. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    just sign out not to remove
  9. BillTan

    BillTan Member

    It does not work.

    Yahoo account does not show in Account & sync.

    I unchecked Auto sync and Background data, account still open automatically.
  10. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    i wish i could help more but i've deleted that email app off my phone coz their was a specific app for gmail..
  11. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    if you want to sign out then after using the app just force stop it ...then it wont sync on its own....
  12. BillTan

    BillTan Member

    It works.

  13. pupuli

    pupuli New Member

    I have same problem and can't sign out of Yahoo email so my emails stay open all the time. What do you mean by 'force stop'? This is my first 'Smart' phone and I am very slow in catching up.
  14. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    force stop is nothing but force closing the app..

    to force close app follow the below steps

    go to settings
    >manage applications

    and find the yahoo mail app and select it ...then it will show options to force stop just select force stop and it wont sync or wont stay open then


  15. Heroine

    Heroine Well-Known Member

    I tried the above for gmail but when I opened again I was still signed in.
    This is concerning if u let someone else use the tablet and they can read all your emails etc :(
  16. seeker6

    seeker6 New Member

    I tried the force stop, too, but the sign in page still has my user name and password already entered. When I delete both of those they reappear when I enter through the Yahoo mail app again, meaning anyone using my tablet can get directly into my email with one click. I deleted the app.
  17. wasabi991011

    wasabi991011 New Member

    All you have to do is:
    1-Go in settings
    2-Go to applications
    3-Click on Y! Mail
    4-Click clear data

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