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  1. UnderWhat?

    UnderWhat? Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!

    This quick guide will teach you how to sign ROMs!


    The knowledge of signing ROMs can prove useful to anyone! By knowing how to sign ROMs, you can modify your favorite ROM to add or delete APKs, so when you flash the ROM your favorite apps will be present! Or you can delete apps you don't use so they will not be installed when flashing the ROM!

    Before starting, you need a couple of things. First you will need Java SE Development Kit and Java SE Runtime Environment . You can download them HERE.

    After you have downloaded and installed both, you will need a very useful tool made by someone at XDA-Developers (if you know who it is please let me know).

    Download this tool (attached) and unzip everything inside of it into one common folder. I personally unzipped everything into my Android SDK folder.

    Now run the autosign.bat. You will have to go through commands 1(Set PATH variable for SDK) ,2 (Set CLASSPATH variable for signing tool) and 3 (Install registry entries). They are very easy to use and just follow the instructions. If you are asked to confirm and/or replace a file, always select yes!

    Now you are finally ready to sign! There are two options to sign the .zip

    1)Find the ROM (.zip) and right click and select "Resign Zip". If you use this option a command prompt box should quickly appear and disappear.


    2) Using the Autosign.bat, select option 4, and then write the directory and file name of the ROM. For example,


    It will hang for a bit at the part where it says "signing", and then it should say something along the lines of "Successfully completed if no errors above"

    If this helped you, comment below!

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  2. NiNi

    NiNi G1/Cliq Guide

    this was made by JesusFreke

    sorry here is more info

  3. rockin_mod

    rockin_mod New Member

    first off. Thank you sooooo much for this guide!! but i still cant get it working. it kinda sucks. I dl'd the autosign.zip and then extracted all to my sdk. i didnt put it in its own folder. I think thats what you meant unless it needs its own folder? second you cant install jdk and jre side by side. Well for me any way?? Next i did make sure the registry edit worked and the path was set. but is the path supposed to be for user variables or system variables?? i have sdk setup and i def know my adb cmd's not new to that. just java stuff is kinda giving me a headache. i have the eclipse installed for app development and that seems to work fine. any input?? o im using vista 32b also.
  4. banzro

    banzro New Member

    does someone has a solution without using windows?
    I'm looking for signing under ubuntu linux.

    Many Thanks for your hints

  5. banzro

    banzro New Member

    java -jar /opt/android/tools/tools/signapk.jar /opt/android/tools/tools/testkey.x509.pem /opt/android/tools/tools/testkey.pk8 update.zip signed-update.zip

    Have a nice day
  6. 7ymekk

    7ymekk Member

    can't open /sdcard/mojhero-2.0.5.zip (bad)
    Installation aborted
  7. dub08

    dub08 New Member

    I followed each one of your steps. I get an error when trying to install the signed zip. "Can't find update script" Can anyone please help me with this. thank you
  8. scepterr

    scepterr New Member

    I had the same thing happen, you probably zipped the folder containing boot.img META-INF, Data and System. You need to open up the folder and zip the 4 items in there and then sign.
  9. nixdorf

    nixdorf New Member

    I create zip with files then try to sing. Open autosing.bat and make all steps and when i sing then file is missing ?
  10. thihaz

    thihaz New Member

    Do you have the new key to sign to by pass the new hboot?
  11. networx2002

    networx2002 New Member

    i'm having the same issue any help please.:D
  12. networx2002

    networx2002 New Member

    So i need to zip all the folders inside the rom:confused:
  13. stringtokenizer

    stringtokenizer New Member

    hi guys, try this out.

    1.) Download it and upzip to a folder (eg, c:\auto-sign\)
    2.) Copy your rom's update.zip into c:\auto-sign\ folder.
    3.) Double click on the Sign.bat, it will signing the update.zip automatically.

    Cheers !

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  14. Fulle

    Fulle New Member

    I hate resurrecting this old thread, but I'm having trouble.

    All I'm doing, is taking a ROM I like, using 7-Zip to add a few apk to the apps folder, remove a few, and put .bak on the tail of a few I want to disable....

    I then tried changing the zip name to update.zip, and ran the .bat... and it created the update_signed.zip file.... but when I try to load it with Clockwork recovery, I get the "Can't find update script" message.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong :confused:
  15. Fulle

    Fulle New Member

    Ah hell, nevermind... I figured it out. Something I was doing somehow added a duplicate folder into the file structure.... guess that's what happens when you try to do new things when you're too sleepy....
  16. sodino

    sodino New Member

  17. StuntinX

    StuntinX New Member

    Well I'm glad you brought attention back to this thread lol... I used stringtokenizer's file and changed the .zip parts to .apk so I could sign and app and it said it worked but I can't get it to install on my phone... Anyone offer some help?
  18. BoyPower

    BoyPower New Member

  19. androidfreakpr

    androidfreakpr New Member

    awsome now I'm signing Roms great
  20. almudhi

    almudhi New Member

    help please
    after signing update_rom
    when I tried to flash it in my phone this messages appear
    " E:Can't find update script "

    please I need help
  21. kenhong

    kenhong New Member

    Thank You!!
  22. frankyangim

    frankyangim New Member

    Thank U
  23. UtCollector

    UtCollector New Member

    Thx finally managed 2 sing my rom under win xp
  24. elka

    elka New Member

    Thank You.
  25. mikebills

    mikebills New Member

    Thank you so much!! Just signed (successfully, after a few attempts-user error) my first rebuild! Copying last of the files back to SD now (full wipe of everything in progress, figured best time to attempt this as well). Still remains to be seen if I screwed anything up in the process, or if the zip flashes correctly, or at all (running ILWT Rom-G2), Though I have no doubts it's signed properly! Will begin a new post with update should it NOT work or have any issues(though they'd likely be attributable to me) to seek further assistance in correcting any issues/errors. If ya don't see me soon, it all went well!

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