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  1. radman2020

    radman2020 Well-Known Member

    The one thing I loved about my iphone was that I could throw a hard switch to silence it when it was in my pocket... You know, you are in the theater and you realize your phone is you can slip your hand in your pocket, throw the switch and feel a confirmatory vibration.

    How can I do the same on my skyrocket? If you silence it with the rocker bar, you have to unlock the phone first. If you use the on off switch, you also have to look at it. I don't want to pull my phone out into view.

    Any suggestions?

  2. vracer

    vracer Active Member

    I'll pile on. Not on you, but on your question. Every phone, and most machines are compromises; I hope there is a solution we haven't found.
  3. radman2020

    radman2020 Well-Known Member

    Overall, I have been able to erase every issue with the iphone vs skyrocket. for example. the popup and banner notifications that are so good on iphone (I get vibrations on android and have no idea what they are) are fixed now with the app Iphone notification which does the same as iphone. I can use flip to silent app which turns off the ring as it goes off (iphone doesn't have this!!!) and I thought silent mode switcher app would do the trick for shutting it off in my pocket by shaking. It doesn't seem to work on skyrocket. Hope there is another app out there.
  4. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    There's no physical way to silence your phone without unlocking it. Download widget locker and you can add a widget to the lock screen and do it from there. But you would have to burn 2 calories to pull it out of your pocket to do so. Hope this helps.
  5. radman2020

    radman2020 Well-Known Member

    it isn't the calories. There are places it is inappropriate to pull out a phone and fiddle in any way.
  6. mhx

    mhx New Member

    you will prob like GO SMS as well to replace the standard text msg app
  7. 4Gee

    4Gee Member

    Just a suggestion, put it on silent BEFORE entering the Movie theater (or anywhere else it would be inappropriate). Even still, I would rather take it out for a split second and silence it, rather than have someone see my hands in pocket moving around during a movie, or dinner, or a meeting.
  8. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

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