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how to stay logged on facebook but stay disconnected from the chatSupport

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  1. Tom45282003

    Tom45282003 Member

    Hey there

    I really like this forum, its fun to check things out I don't post a lot cause I just like reading what you guys have to say
    anyways i have been having this problem on facebook so here is my question so maybe someone can help me out

    I have an HTC legend on 2.2 well to be able to get facebook notifications I have to stay connected on the site which means I can't disconnect from the site, but whenever I stay connected on the site its goes sometimes into facebook chat even when I have not open up the app
    this annoys a few people that want to talk to me cause they think i'm ignoring them and I simply just have the phone in my pocket and that i'm not using facebook

    I have hope you guys could understand my problem

    thanks in advance:D

  2. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Well-Known Member

    The bottom line is that there is clearly a bug in the latest FB app and the developers seem to be ignoring the thousands of pleas to fix it!

    The same problems happened with the Iphone app (2 years ago of course) and it is now plaguing Android! Hopefully they will fix it at some point!

    My advice would be to roll back to 1.4.1...there's obviously no push or chat, but at least the app works and won't keep your phone awake!
  3. mikeymop

    mikeymop Well-Known Member

    Click on chat, on the facebook app homescreen. Hit Menu then sign out. I think it reverts these changes everytime you reboot the phone. (Just like everytime you kill the facebook process the app defaults to the news feed)

    But I haven't had this issue once i got into the habit of hitting go offline.
  4. Tom45282003

    Tom45282003 Member

    thanks i'll try that and see what it does and if it helps out
  5. sevansup

    sevansup Member

    I'm having a similar problem with my facebook chat. When I tap the menu button and then hit "go offline", it acts as if it has signed me out. But when I went to my computer and signed into faebook, my chat was turned on again. So I disabled it, then logged out. Went back to my phone, opened up chat to sign in for a couple minutes, and then when i was done I clicked "go offline." Went back to the computer once again to check, and when i log in I'm signed in again. Anyone know what is going on?

    edit: found the issue. turns out it really isn't an issue, but a feature. I installed the new official "Facebook Messenger" application, and it turns out that when in the normal facebook application you press "go offline," it puts a little phone indicator in place of the green dot that shows people you're online. This was only possible for me to see when I checked it from my friend's facebook. And it informs anyone who messages you that you will recieve the message on your phone. So I don't have any worries anymore. As long as it doesn't show that I'm online and available, I'm okay.
  6. sunilwar

    sunilwar New Member


    I want to implement the facebook chat post through my application. Issue occurring when I login on main(first) screen and goes on the 4/5 page I am trying for post, it is taking the same session id and connect with facebook server but not connecting the same login user in short not accepting the token for the same user which is already login.

    please guide me if any one having any idea.

    Sunil W.

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