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How to stop facebook taking over the calendar?Support

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  1. ikktyl

    ikktyl New Member

    Does anyone know how to stop facebook taking over my calendar with peoples birthdays? I want my own events to show up, not other peoples. Like on my homepage someones birthday shows up but not the fact I have an exam! It's annoying and I want to get rid of it!
    Thanks in advance!

  2. volvo_pl

    volvo_pl New Member

    Open Calendar. Press Menu > More > Calendars and on that screen just tick the ones which you are interested in. ;)
  3. ikktyl

    ikktyl New Member

    Thank you! :D
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  4. dryspuri

    dryspuri Active Member

  5. masked_face

    masked_face Member

    thanks...I also needed to know. (Y)

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