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How to stop 'Gallery' app in Xperia Go from showing up the screenshots of downloaded videos ?General

  1. xperiafan1

    xperiafan1 New Member

    Gallery app in my Xperia Go shows the screenshots of downloaded videos and Whatsapp images by default. I tried the following but no luck and I dont want to reset to factory settings .

    1) Deleted the cache from 'Manage App' for Gallery + phone restart.

    2) Added .nomedia file to whatsapp images directory and 'download' folder using ASTRO so that the app ignores loading pics.

    3) when 1 and 2 didn't worked I searched and deleted all video screenshot pics from .thumbnails folder under DCIM directory and cleared the whatsapp images directory as well , repeated (1) above , still accessing galley loads all pics from somewhere.

    Appreciate any help on this :)

  2. xperiafan1

    xperiafan1 New Member

    Figured that out , deleting the cache directory contents inside /mnt/sdcard/Andriod/data/..*gallery* folder does the job , though it still shows blank thumbnails listing how many videos were downloaded etc.

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