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  1. radman2020

    radman2020 Well-Known Member

    when the phone boots up, it is silent during the samsung logo but plays a loud ringtone during the att splash screen. How to I lower the volume or get rid of this entirely

  2. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    Download Silent Boot app. It works most of the time.
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  3. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    Just installed it. Thanks, it works.
  4. radman2020

    radman2020 Well-Known Member

    I just installed it. It didn't work. The ATT splash screen is accompanied by a loud bunch of sounds. I retried with compatibility mode. Still didn't work.
  5. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    I'm on Verizon. Let me reboot again right now to test for you.
  6. Branndon

    Branndon Well-Known Member

    It works fine on the Verizon boot. It silences the whole thing.
  7. CoronaDoug

    CoronaDoug Well-Known Member

    Yes this is a big help. Thanks!

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