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  1. buttoxide

    buttoxide New Member

    No, I'm not talking about the startup sound that happens with the startup animation.

    When my phone turns on, after the startup animation and into the OS, when it says Media Scanning Completed on the top bar, it begins to automatically play this one piece of music.

    The music can only be turned off if I flip the phone face down. I have left it alone for one hour before, and the music will literally go on forever until I slam the handset face down.

    This is particularly annoying because I can't find the music file on the phone, and I haven't been able to fix the random restarts on my phone - which means that my phone will burst into music at the most inappropriate times. I'm wondering if anyone has faced such a similar problem before, because my google-fu is clearly not working in this case.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who knows what is going on. This is incredibly frustrating to deal with.

  2. RUFar

    RUFar New Member

    I'm having the same problem. Could REALLY use a fix for this! This started after I applied the update to Ice Cream Sandwich.
  3. jaliy

    jaliy Well-Known Member

    factory reset the phone
  4. Shinji_Ikari

    Shinji_Ikari Member

    Is that the only way to fix the problem? I am about to go get my phone and write down all my apps then since that is what is happening with me.
  5. Shinji_Ikari

    Shinji_Ikari Member

    Help please, galaxy s2 post boot sound nuisance - Page 2 On there someone suggested sliding the notification bar down. I just did that and it stopped the God forsaken chime thingy. Of course they also stated it would be a good idea to clear cache, which I am about to do. Hope this helps someone.

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