how to stop repeat mail notifications

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  1. johirsh

    johirsh Well-Known Member

    OK I get an new email, I don't want to read it right now, so I clear the notification.. but five minutes later i get a new mail notification for the same &&*(*( message and continue to..

    i do i stop the maddness

  2. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow! VIP Member

    I do not get repeat notifications on my Droid , wish it did. Are you sure its not just Gmails method of threading emails that you are seeing. So its not the same message notification, its a new message from the same sender and added to the thread...
  3. Timmaaay4

    Timmaaay4 Well-Known Member

    no i get them sometimes as well i got about 5 of them today.
  4. johirsh

    johirsh Well-Known Member

    I only have a gmail account because i have too....

    i set up my access to my own email, it a pop3 so i don't think its threading..

    I do think, and I am testing this, if remove the notification and not read the message, i get the new notification, if i DO NOT remove the notification and don't read the mail, I don't think I am getting the repeats

    a darn frustrating phone
  5. Darkhan

    Darkhan Well-Known Member

    I use K9 beta and in there it has the option to mark all emails as (read) this way I do not get notifications for e-mails I know are there and unread.
  6. johirsh

    johirsh Well-Known Member

    I am using a Verizon Droid.. I was reading in an article that this OS is rapidly approaching the pitfall of Window Mobile apparently there is no standard android OS... it is tweaked for each phone and this results it different characteristics between phones and is thought highly possible to get worse quickly

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