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How to stop vibration on incoming sms?Support

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  1. asmaakhlaq

    asmaakhlaq New Member


    My Xperia X10 was working fine until i installed handcent sms on it, after which it started vibrating on receiving msg. I turned off the vibration from handcent settings->notifications, but no use. After this I uninstalled handcent and turned back to stock messaging application but the phone still vibrates on incoming msg:(

    I have turned off the vibration from settings-> sound and display, and also heptic feedback is uncheck. I have also turned off the vibration from msg settings.

    i restarted my phone, and resetted the settings, but no use:(
    Plz help me!


  2. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Well-Known Member

    I would investigate to see if another app is notifying you with the vibration because as far as I know you looked at the right places.

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