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  1. Jpeluso8

    Jpeluso8 Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 15, 2010
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    So, I have sky fire, and want to make it my default browser. When I go into its setting, the option to make it default browser is greyed out?

    Reason why I want to do this, is for some reason my DROID x default browser isn't playing videos (i.e., videos on ESPN.com not working with default, but working on sky fire). So for example, i get an email in gmail from espn, and click the link to open a video, it wont work. So i need the default to go to sky fire.

    Anyone know why this is happening btw? Since FROYO, wasnt videaos etc. because they are flash suppossed to work???

    Also, I have noticed that my phone's gps will not really work half the time unless i shut off phone and turn back on. Today my mp3's I have been using on phone for a while now stopped working. A message saying "not supported music files" came up..UNTIL i shut off phone and re-booted. What the heck?


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