how to sync android calendar and thunderbird calendar

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  1. MelodyMan

    MelodyMan Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a way to sync android calendar and thunderbird calendar?


  2. staffsmatt

    staffsmatt Well-Known Member

    Hi, Do you mean directly?

    If not you could sync both your phone and thunderbird to your google account. That should do it...
  3. MelodyMan

    MelodyMan Well-Known Member


    Yes, directly. If I can use my default Thunderbird Calendar (not Gcal account). Zimbra (desktop) does recognize my calendar events. My contacts uses my company account for events (SOP) and invitation.

    I'm already using "Provider for Google Calendar" and "Lightning" add-ons to write to GCal. But the default calendar doesn't reflect on my Gcal. I have to create the event on Gcal to reflect on my Android phone.

  4. Birdy2

    Birdy2 New Member

    If you don't want to synchronize through Google and want a direct connection between your Android device and your PC, you may use BirdieSync. You can either connect with USB or a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Then you'll be able to easily synchronize your contacts and your events on your Android device, without needing to store them in your Google account. Your local address books and calendars in Thunderbird/Lightning/Sunbird can be synchronized. So your data will be only present on your Android device and in Thunderbird/Lightning/Sunbird.
  5. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Google 'MyPhonerExplorer'. I use it for Outlook to phone sync'ing but it also works with T'Bird.

  6. MelodyMan

    MelodyMan Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply. I'm using Outlook now. Fortunately there's a free calendar sync.

  7. toscal

    toscal Well-Known Member

    Try this addon for Thunderbird called Provider for Google. It works with another addon called Lighting. I can update the calendar in Thunderbird and when I switch on my Android device its on the calendar. I can add or update an event on the Android device and gets updated in Thunderbird.
    Works very well.

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